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Based On Blockchain Financial System World’s First BCH Marketplace Connecting the world through blockchain, BITWOEX brings opportunity to traders and ICO’s. Providing an enhanced trading platform, BITWOEX is dedicated to the user experience.

Mining With Trading[edit]

Trade-driven Mining” method to release BWX for free allocation to Bitwoex users. We will calculate 100% of our transaction fee income into BWX against the real-time rate and give them away to all traders proportionately to their trading volume.

World’s First BCH Marketplace[edit]

The BITWOEX Exchange is launching the very first BCH market which will allow users to trade new coins with BCH. This will help advance BCH’s position as a leading liquid cryptocurrency by making it a common base denominator of crypto-pairs.Traders would be able to trade BTC/BCH, ETH/BCH, FIAT/BCH, while new trading pairs are to be added.


Bitwoex will allocate our daily transaction fee income (including all coin types) to ALL BWX holders proportionately (i.e. Your BWX balance/Total BWX). For instance: If our daily transaction fee incomes include BCH, BTC, BWX, and USDT, you will receive 80% of these incomes in BCH, BTC, BWX, and USDT proportionately.

ICO Supporting & Coin Listing[edit]

Easy investing in highly profitable Portfolios in just a few clicks. No need to study Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ICO mechanisms. 100% transparent investments through the BITWOEX Platform

Lifetime Membership[edit]

A Lifetime Member is defined as any account holding more that 1,000,000 BWX on the Exchange. Decentralized Blockchain operated by Lifetime members: We are building a decentralized system to help the exchange with a variety of tasks. 10% Profit on entire trading to our shareholders.

Better User Experience[edit]

The BITWOEX exchange improves the user experience with flexibility through customization, allowing individuals to take full advantage of the trading platform and create the interface that works for them.Organization, platform functionality and customizable tools and resources delivered through a clean workspace are paramount to success .

A Powerful Engine?

Users will have more control than ever before with a streamlined user-centric interface built on top of a trading engine capable of handling millions of transactions per second. Automatic on-site trading tools, analytics and AI-derived strategies will complement the experience delivered through Bitwoex cutting edge trading platform.

==== Token Funds Allocation ====

Ticker: BWX Token Name: BWX

Private-Sale (USD): $1000000 Soft Cap (USD): $1000000 (Pre-Sale) Hard Cap (USD): $3000000 (Crowd Sale)

Payment Method: ETH,BTC,LTC,BCH Available For Purchase: 300,000,000

==== Token Sales Allocation ====

Pre-Sale: $0.01 + 20% Bonus Month 1 Crowd Sale: $0.01 + 10% Bonus Month 2 Crowd Sale: $0.01 + 5% Bonus Month 3-5 Crowd Sale: $0.01 + No Bonus Emission Rate: No new coins will be minted, created or mined after the crowdsale

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