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Bizavest Analytics Platform
Bizavest Analytics Platform logo
Bizavest Analytics Platform ICO Review
Bizavest Analytics Platform ICO
Ticker: Bizc
ICO start: 2018-06-02 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-07-12 00:00:00
Price: 1 Bizc = 0.00005 ETH
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 45,000,000 Bizc
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 50,000 ETH
Softcap: 500 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 45%
Minimum: 3 ETH
Accepting: ETH

They are excited to announce our upcoming Token sales for this month of April in the field of Crypto analytics and business intelligence service Program.

Bizavest is a next generation open-source platform to gain trust and authority creating the first data analytics and business intelligence services driven by data collection and mining over a decentralized network. Their mission is to create a platform where data and information for business intelligence, process and management is available for small to large corporations globally. The era of paying over the bar for information that will lead to business success and sustainability is over. With Bizavest, we are launching the next generation project for getting useful data and insight at next to nothing.


Bizavest is a data analytics and business intelligence platform that allows business and startups get relevant and valuable intelligence for business wherever they are with the ease of using a social network. Thanks to decentralization and user-inclusion paradigm, it is now possible to develop a community dedicated to valuable and providing data across a Blockchain. 
At the core of its functionality, Bizavest is merely an intelligence gathering and insight generating system that provide businesses with high quality data, information and intelligence needed to gain a competitive edge attain sustainability and success.
Bizavest will be highly secured and designed to generate genuine data ranging from demographic, consumer preference information to climate data of a region or the number of individuals that are likely to use a service or even the mood of a particular area as it relates to a given product. The possibilities are endless! Users who supply this data will be rewarded for doing so on the platform
Their belief is that Technology and decentralization have advanced to the point where they can actually help businesses with excessively exorbitant costs. Their vision is to create, deploy and administer a platform where Business; small and large- can utilize the power of actionable business intelligence without the attendant costs and human or infrastructural capacities.  
Generally, the Bizavest Analytics Platform will be designed to serve three categories of users;
  • The Clients or Customers

  • The Community or Data Feeders

  • The Consultants or Experts

  • The entirety of the Bizavest Platform will be based on three different applications or technologies at full deployment. These technologies are being built in such a way that they function with each other integrally where one cannot perform its optimal function with the others and so on. What follows is a descriptive overview of the nature and functions of the core applications of Bizavest.
    SurvStream is a web/mobile application designed and deployed as a social media platform. It interact with all three categories of users on the Bizavest Platform. The core function of the SurvStream app is to collect and feed data/information to and from users of the Bizavest platforms based on their specific needs or roles
    Imagine being able to get relevant, accurate and verifiable data directly from the people who you need it from without having to spend a great deal of money or having to go through many red tapes; this is what SurvStream will offer.
    Dacomian is an Artificial Intelligence machine with the core function of coordinating the collection and analyzing of data to and from the SurvStream interface.
    The Dacomain will be made to function optimally through the use of an AI-Human driven system where analytics and insight generation is provided by AThey and actual consulting is provided by human ‘experts’.
    Imagine a decentralized system where regular Joes with years of experience can provide hands on expert advice on analyzed and simplified data.

    • Bizacoin is a standard ERC20 Token; a self-managing peer-to-peer data driven cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum Network; an open-source blockchain platform.

    • Bizacoin Token is an electronic currency similar to Ether in that it is a store of financial value.

    • The token will forms the backing for financial transactions for acquiring data and getting paid for providing data over the Bizavest Platform.

    • Bizacoin is intended to have a one-time limited supply of 100,000,000 Tokens. These tokens will form the basis of transaction on the Bizavest Platform.


    2017 November : Announment/Launch.
    Token Generation Event.
    2017 December: Community Building
    2018 January : Website Launch.
    White paper Release.
    2018 February : Listing Bizacoin on exchanges.
    2018 April : Main ICO Events
    Prototype Launch.
    2018 May - December: BETA Testing. Blockchain development.
    Q1 2019 : Third-party Integrations and Partnership Agreement.
    Q2 2019 : Final User Testing.
    Q3 2019: Full Service Launch.[1]


    name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
    Rasheed Bello Chief Strategist/Co-founder/Big Data Analyst Rasheed Bello photo 6.8
    Wahab Bello Lead Content Dev Wahab Bello photo 2.9
    Olaoluwa Paul Strategy and Partnerships Olaoluwa Paul photo 2.9
    Akinbowale Akinwunmi Cryptoeconomist Akinbowale Akinwunmi photo 2.9
    Shylia Ward Community Manager/ Crypto-enthusiast/ Shylia Ward photo 2.9
    Wahyu Djadmika Community Manager/ Wahyu Djadmika photo 2.9
    Filip Poutintsev Cryptocurrency Expert/ Blockchain Specialist/ Filip Poutintsev photo 25.6
    Gbenga Jayeoba Technology Management/ Gbenga Jayeoba photo 2.9
    Andrian Sernero Marketing and PR Specialist/ Advisory Member Andrian Sernero photo 2.9
    Yusuf Technological advisory Advisory Member Yusuf photo 2.9
    Jesse Essang Head of Software Development & Full-Stack Developer Team Member Jesse Essang photo 2.9
    Lateeph Ibiyeye E-Commerce Business Manager Team Member Lateeph Ibiyeye photo 2.9
    Peter Adim Full Stack Web Developer & Graphics Designer Team Member Peter Adim photo 2.9
    Godswill Umukoro Full Stack Web Developer Team Member Godswill Umukoro photo 2.9

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