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Block72 official logo

Block72 is a global consulting company specializing in blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The firm is headed by major international investment banks and management organizations, such as Ernst&Young, McKinsey&Company, and HSBC. Block72 specializes in carrying out a qualitative and quantitative analysis of projects. The company has offices in New York, San Francisco, Beijing, Seoul, and Shanghai.


Block72 offers comprehensive consulting services for projects and startups using blockchain technology. These services include:

  • corporate structuring,
  • token economic design,
  • public relations,
  • compliance advisory,
  • community management,
  • global partnership development,
  • marketing.


Since its founding, Block72 has quickly gained popularity and has become a major international consulting company in the field of blockchain technologies, providing strategic consulting services to more than 40 large companies and startups, forging strong partnerships. Block72 continued its rapid growth even during the largest recession in the market in 2018 and was able to maintain relations with blockchain projects such as Ontology, Algorand, Basic Attention Token, Hedera Hashgraph, and many others. Over the past few years, the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market have undergone significant changes. New terms have also appeared: from "STO" to "IEO" and "public chains" to "NFTs". In this regard, Block72 announced a strategic transition of the company's status from the Global Consulting Firm to the Global Investment Bank of Digital Assets, providing not only consulting services but also offering financial products and services to the market. Beginning in the second quarter of 2019, Block72 plans to support crypto projects in the development of the market, acting as a global investment bank focused exclusively on digital assets.


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