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Blockbid is a completely new solution in the cryptocurrency industry. It is an exchange in Australia that allows many users to trade a large amount of cryptocurrency with a single login. Each customer can easily make an exchange of all the top coins.


The system aims to provide exchanges with a low level of commission. The sale of tokens for this project was back in November 2017. The cost of one token was 1.23 USD. The sale was able to attract investments of $1.2 million.


In March 2018, it was announced that a trial version of the platform was launched. It will be a project where the best cryptocurrencies of the world are traded. After the successful implementation of the trial version, it is planned to launch a full exchange.


All deposits in cryptocurrency are stored in the user's personal wallet. The commission level is as low as possible, and approximately 0.1% per trade. The exchange offers cybersecurity insurance. The organization responsible for the exchange is the first of its kind to offer such a service.


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