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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018 is an international conference for both blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts set to take place for three days- from 22nd to 24th February, 2018. It will be held at Addison Conference & Theater Centre, and will bring together a team of experienced speakers who are crypto and blockchain experts from Blockmatics and R3.

The idea of the conference is to offer blockchain classes to lawyers, business executives, and developers. The classes will consume half of the scheduled time, with the other half being used on discussion panels, presentations, and AMA session. With such, not to forget its affordable cost, the conference is a great opportunity that a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast should not miss.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018 Venue[edit]

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018 is set to begin on Thursday the 22nd of February and end on Saturday 24th February 2018. It will be hosted in Dallas, Texas at the Addison Conference & Theatre Centre, located right across the streets of Addison Airport. The venue is strategically set around famous restaurants, major hotels, and smaller hotels, so you won’t have a problem with finding a hotel to spend the night.

Speakers at Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018[edit]

The conference seeks to have the best and most experienced speakers who are crypto and blockchain experts from R3 and Blockmatics. Some of the already confirmed speakers are:

  • Kyle Wood, who advises technology clients from startups to FORTUNE emphasizing on blockchain technology. He has been a diligent and active member of the conference Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency industry group.
  • Simon Yu, who is the CEO of Stormx- a platform that is renowned for allowing companies and freelancers complete microtasks using Smart contracts.
  • Michael Yuan, who is the co-founder of CyberMiles- a project that aims at building new blockchain which is optimized for e-commerce applications.

Classes and Workshop

With the conference set to offer hand-training on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, it has set three major classes and one workshop. These includes:

  • The Business of Blockchains class. The class will be taught by blockmatics only for a 6 hour. It aims at helping individuals reframe their service and product using blockchain technology.
  • Corda Developer Training class. The two-day class will be taught by R3 providing developers with the key and essential skills to developing financial grade distributes applications specifically on Corda- a blockchain platform.
  • Blockchain for Lawyers' Class. The 1 hour class will be taught by blockmatics which will enlighten on the legal issues that are raised by various blockchain technology applications as well as the legal responses to date.
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Workshop. It will be a 2-hour workshop conducted by blockmatics to help developers start programming smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain.

Registration For Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018[edit]

The conference offers a great opportunity for those attending to be crypto and blockchain experts in future, as well as enhance their business operations by adopting this new technology.

You can purchase one of the available tickets for the very few remaining tickets for every class. The tickets price range from $100 – $1,198 subject to the different three classes and one workshop. To purchase the tickets, go to for register and purchase the ticket based on your preferred class and the amount you intend to use.

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