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Blockchain Cuties is a collectible blockchain virtual game with adventures. Blockchain Cuties is based on the distributed registry of the Ethereum network. In the game players get to collect and play with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats and other real and fantasy creatures alike. Players can collect them, breed them, test their skills in battles, arm and improve them as well as level them up. In-game economy lets players trade cuties using smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain. Each cutie, which is an ERC-721 token, can be bought, sold or given as a gift.

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Before proceeding to the gameplay the user will need to have a wallet to store the collectibles and interact with the Ethereum network. Blockchain Cuties have their own wallet that allows new users to register an account by just thinking of a password. Other wallets like MetaMask or Trust Wallet can also be used to access the game. The game is available both on the desktop and mobile devices as well as all browsers and OS.


The game revolves around collectibles which are called Cuties. Cuties are the ones players breed, grow, send to adventures, buy and sell. Every cutie can gain experience, level up and use items, including those that can improve its cooldowns and genes. All of the important cutie stats are stored in blockchain.

There are the following types of cuties:

Regular – has a regular background and is generated from different body parts based on his genome. All worn items are displayed visually on such Cuties;

Tribute – has a special unique appearance inspired by pop culture characters (isn’t generated from different body parts, but is completely drawn by hand instead. All worn items are not displayed visually on such Cuties, but do provide bonuses)

Unique – has a special unique appearance and special background (isn’t generated from different body parts, but is completely drawn by hand instead. All worn items are not displayed visually on such Cuties, but do provide bonuses)

Noble – a trait that can be applied to every cutie type using a very rare potion. Grants a special textured background and allows to pass the nobility trait to his children

Custom – custom made cuties based on the photos or pictures provided by players. They have a unique appearance, background, and attributes (isn’t generated from different body parts but is completely drawn by hand instead. All worn items are not displayed visually on such Cuties, but do provide bonuses)

All Cuties, except the custom type, are available on the market. To order a custom cutie player has to enter into the special auction.

One of the key properties of a cutie is its generation. Generation zero (gen 0) is produced and initially sold by the developer in a limited quantity. In the process of breeding cuties the generation of their children increases. For example, when breeding two cuties of generation zero, the child will have the generation of one. In the case of generation two and three, a child would have generation four.

Cuties can be improved (including their generation) over time by using items from the items market. Items can also be obtained by sending cuties on adventures.


Breeding allows the player to produce a new collectible cutie by combining two parents to create a child. The child inherits properties from both parent genomes. Both parents can belong to one player or one of the parents can be chosen from the breeding market. In both cases in order to breed with another cutie, the player must pay a small breeding fee which gets slightly higher with every next breeding cooldown. There is no gender attribute in the game, so each cutie can be both mother and father.


Players can send their cuties on adventures - it takes time to get there, but when cutie arrives, it starts to search for a foe. When an opponent is found, the battle begins. It happens in a turned-based roll-the-dice manner: one cutie attacks, the other defends and vice versa. Both cuties gain experience for the adventure. The victor gains extra experience and gets a chance to win game items. There are two types of items in the game - wearables that are visually displayed on the pet and provide different bonuses and consumables that can improve cooldowns and genes.


Blockchain Cuties collectible marketplace is an open market. This means that the prices are regulated by supply and demand and all the market laws are 100% applicable to this case.

The market is global and has no geographical, currency, time or other restrictions. Platform is engineered for growth, so there are no restrictions on the number of players or transactions.

Investment process[edit]

Blockchain Cuties has one of the lowest entry investment requirements. It is very easy to start playing and earning.

Trial cutie is given to new players free of charge. It can go on two adventures and breed with other cuties. Breeding with other cuties currently costs about USD 3. After the breeding is complete, trial cutie disappears and the player receives his or her first real crypto asset.

Balance replenishment[edit]

To replenish the game balance the funds can be transferred through one of the trading platforms to the wallet used in the game.


Funds received by users from the trading and breeding cuties are automatically transferred to their wallet of choice. The funds received in this way can then be withdrawn using cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Interesting facts[edit]

  • Blockchain Cuties is based on a versatile smart contract system which allows for continuous flexible development. Therefore developers are able to iteratively update Blockchain Cuties like a regular game (contrary to many other crypto games on the market)
  • The game practices community-driven development by always communicating with its players and implementing their suggestions into the game. Developers are always improving the overall game experience.
  • Blockchain Cuties is optimized for less player spending in order to optimize for more efficient investing and long-term gaming experience.
  • Blockchain Cuties has a unique battle system where attributes, items, and dice rolls are taken into consideration to calculate the course of the battle.
  • Apart from regular adventures Blockchain Cuties often introduce special events, giving players a chance to win new rare items for their cuties.
  • Limited edition unique cuties are produced monthly and every next one sold is exponentially more expensive than its predecessor.
  • Blockchain Cuties is the first and only game in the industry to develop their own ethereum blockchain wallet. This removes friction and brings better game adoption.

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