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Blockchain Game Alliance is an organization that promotes blockchain technology in the gaming industry. The company's goal is to disseminate information about blockchain technology and facilitate its implementation, emphasizing its potential in the gaming industry and creating strong communities around games. The BGA also provides an open forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge and collaborate, create common standards, implement best practices and networks. The Co-Founder and President of the company is Manon Burgel.


In September 2018, it became known that several companies within the Blockchain Game Summit in France announced the creation of the Blockchain Game Alliance.

The Blockchain Game Alliance includes such major industry players as Ubisoft and Fig, as well as the blockchain-based platform Ultra, EverdreamSoft (developer of the first blockchain game Spells of Genesis), Alto (developer of tools for integrating blockchain into games), Gimli (creator of the first e-sports blockchain solutions), Enjin (a platform for players who recently launched its cryptocurrency), B2Expand (a blockchain games development studio) and ConsenSys (a studio that created a decentralized application based on Ethereum).

The Blockchain Game Alliance provides an open forum for all interested parties, convinced that this revolutionary technology brings many new benefits to the entire ecosystem (including developers and players). At the forum, users can share knowledge and collaborate in research that helps to find new ways to develop and play video games. The goal of the alliance is to help spread the integration of blockchain by creating common standards and best practices.

Blockchain in the game industry[edit]

Breakthrough technology has been spread across many channels to open up new portals to stakeholders in the ecosystem. Thus, the consortium is considered as a virtual platform for both developers and players to combine knowledge and synergies to develop more innovative methods for creating and playing. Sharing his views with MCV, CEO of Ultra, Nicolas Guillot noted that the consortium would open the way for more flexibility in the exchange of information, as well as provide a place for greater transparency, which will be useful for stakeholders working within the system.

In recent months, Ubisoft has been exploring ways to implement blockchain technology through its strategic innovation lab. Lidwine Sauer, Director of Analytical Ideas and Directions for the Laboratory, gave an idea that the laboratory focused on interaction with technology and how to reproduce this complex interaction in their games.


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