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Blockcloud is a new architecture-TCP/IP with the use of blockchain technology for the IoT.


The project offers a transition to a service-oriented architecture - Service-Centric Networks (SCN) and the development of a 4-level scalable platform for IoT devices based on the Proof of Service consensus. Some code is laid out in the repository, the feedback from technical specialists is positive, there are interesting technical ideas.


  • Testnet.1 – 4th quarter of 2018
  • Main testnet – 2nd quarter of 2019

Project team[edit]

The project team consists of experts in the field of smart devices and network specialists including from the academic environment. Among the staff and advisers of the project are the developers of the IEEE standard. Zhongxing Ming, CEO - Princeton University, CTO of Oudmon.


Hardcap is 15 000 000 USD, 12 000 000 USD of them in private will be sold during crowdsale in August.


Genesis Capital, Innoangel Fund, OK Capital, Neo Global Capital, BKFund, JRR, GBIC, BlockVC, Brink Asset Consensus Capital, MW Partners.


  • Ambitious task
  • Project team
  • Good funds
  • High expectations from the project, closer to sale interest in the project will increase


  • Complicated roadmap
  • Blockcloud project is under investigation
  • It is unknown whether it will be possible to implement the architecture of such a complex level.

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