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Blocnation logo
Blocnation ICO Review
Blocnation ICO
Ticker: BNTN
ICO start: 2018-05-03 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Price: 1 BNTN = 0.1625 USD
Tokens: 200,000,000 BNTN
Platform: Komodo
Distributed: 40%
Accepting: LTC, QTUM, BTC, KMD

The Blocnation token(BNTN) will be utilized throughout southeast asia’s leading cashless payment community of events and venues, pouchnation. The Blocnation app features include altcoin holding, atomic & etomic swaps, acquiring of event tickets, hostel booking, Cashless top up and cashback.


Blocnation is extremely excited to announce their partnership with the Komodo Platform to launch the world’s first ever decentralized Initial Coin Offering (dICO), guaranteeing investor privacy and heralding a new era in digital payments.
Despite its revolutionary potential, existing cryptocurrencies have not managed to achieve mass adoption and the technology is still confounding for many users wanting to buy, store and send their coins. Blocnation is changing this, creating a solution so easy that your grandmother could use it, whilst providing access to financial technology solutions to those without access.
The multi-currency mobile wallet platform runs on any smartphone and serves three main functions: allows for seamless cryptocurrency transfer through atomic and etomic swaps; acts as a digital currency across the event and lifestyle ecosystem and eventually across a range of other
businesses; and provides access to crypto assets to those unserved by traditional financial systems. The Blocnation App is both a decentralized exchange and a multiple cryptocurrencies wallet, simple to use and of most importance, incredibly secure. Blocnation will provide the world with a quality, closed loop payment option through Komodo’s wallet. The result? A more reliable and secure platform that its users can instantly take part in and feel secure in.
The Blocnation-Komodo-powered-wallet will allow users to seamlessly swap different cryptocurrencies instantaneously via Komodo’s atomic and etomic swap protocols. The revolutionary Komodo Platform allows instant exchange of holdings with others, instead of relying on exchanges. It is resistant to hacks and theft, delisting of coins or issues with regulation and seizure of crypto assets. This solution is not just theoretical either. More than 90,000 successful atomic swaps have happened already and Komodo now covers atomic swaps of 95% of all coins in existence.
Working with Blocnation’s exclusive roll out partner, PouchNATION, the Blocnation Wallet will provide its users with alternative and more efficient methods of payment within the PouchNATION ecosystem of events and venues. This provides a host of real world applications for the currency and allows for secure, instantaneous transactions for event and venue guests. For event organizers and venue owners, the Blocnation Wallet will save transaction fees and expand guest touch points via marketing promotions both during and following events.
Traditionally the market of goods and services that can be bought with cryptocurrencies is limited, and the demand for crypto-assets comes mainly from investors, not consumers. PouchNATION has been digitizing currency for use across its platform for hundreds of events across the past four years along with its strategic partners.


Blocnation Project Update

First, we would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to all of our supporters! This includes our advisors, partners, community managers, contributors, and followers. This project has been extremely exciting thus far and we at Blocnation thank you all for the amazing support.

Clearly 2018 is a very different market from 2017, since we began the crowdfund the market has taken two rather large hits. Thus, our raised funds in fiat value are significantly lower than we had hoped. With that said, Blocnation and its advisors agree that we should not risk the community’s purchases as we will need to change our approach moving forward.

The Blocnation founders and advisors still believe in the potential of the project and are working to come up with a self-funded strategy to make Blocnation’s goals a reality.

Blocnation, with the expertise of the Komodo Platform, will issue a full refund via airdrop to all purchasers in the coming days. As the Blocnation team still intends to move forward we will like to show our appreciation to supporters by allowing everyone to hold on to their BNTN balances as we will honor them in the future once the utility use case is established and we look to list on exchanges.

We will update the public as to our plans in the coming month after the refund has been completed and all of our following concerns are addressed.

For those who have questions we have prepared a FAQ list to help address general questions.

Thanks for sticking with us!

Needless to say, there was never any chance of establishing a utility use case (the initial use case was that the coin was to work on a bracelet that they use in festivals to pay for drinks - PouchNATION. The bracelet guys decided to ditch the coin - there is no other potential use for the coin) So no, no refunds were airdropped, and no, it will never be listed on an exchange.


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Graeme Perkins CEO Graeme Perkins photo 3.5
Gino Jacinto COO & LEGAL DIRECTOR Gino Jacinto photo 3.5
Wini Chia CFO Wini Chia photo 3.5
Ben Fairbank SENIOR ADVISOR Advisor Ben Fairbank photo 6.5

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