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BnkToTheFuture is an online investment platform offering high liquidity, transparency and real-time evaluation of the invested capital.


The use of blockchain technology opens up new technical possibilities regarding information transparency, operational regulation and liquidity, but in the investment sector it must work within the framework of existing legislation to keep the activity legal. Technological progress is ahead of the introduction of changes in outdated regulatory laws in the field of investment, so new projects are forced to squeeze into the established framework. BnkToTheFuture managed to find a middle ground between technical innovation and regulatory compliance.


The team has been working on the problem of regulation for 7 years, and during this time managed to form a multi-jurisdictional structure that allows you to buy and sell private equity to investors around the world. The legal structure of the BnkToTheFuture project allows companies to interact with only one institutional investor, benefiting from the liquidity of many projects in more than 25 traditional currencies and 35 cryptocurrencies, removing the problem of state regulation and control and providing additional protection to invested capital.

Market transparency[edit]

Having overcome the problems of technology and regulation, the most difficult question remains - the creation of the transparent market. To achieve this goal, BnkToTheFuture introduced a token that will be used to form a new community and reward its members. This will help to stimulate the market and ensure transparency of all activities in the investment industry.


  • Opportunity to work in the world's largest investor community.
  • Opportunity to invest in top projects, in which the largest funds and venture capitalists invest, but without high entry thresholds for participation.
  • High level of asset protection provided by banking security procedures, including secure sockets and two-factor authentication.
  • The unique investment structure allows capital to grow in a tax-efficient way.
  • Comprehensive support of deposits, including document processing, administration and financial transactions.
  • No participation fees, other than fees for processing payments by third parties, until profit is derived from the invested assets.
  • Online communication between investors and businesses throughout the investment life cycle.
  • International scale brings together investors and entrepreneurs from 112 countries with the same views on the future of the financial sector.
  • Multi-currency investments make it easy to invest and make profits in local or preferred currency, including 25 fiat and 35 alternative assets.


The development is managed by the founders of the project: CEO Simon Dixon and COO Bliss Dixon, under their leadership there works a core team of 8 people: Fahmida Began — investor contacts; Yeah Saganowski — project manager; Irwin khtai Myint — coordinator; Paul Word, Rafal Kostanski, Anton Petras, Mateusz Wilczynski — developers.

The project does not disclose information about the rest of the team members to preserve the privacy of their lives and for security reasons. As consultants to BnkToTheFuture there are many specialists from various fields of law, finance and technology.

BFT token[edit]

The cryptocurrency of BnkToTheFuture BFT can be used as a sign of reward and membership in the community. BFT will be able to provide a scalable system of identification, listing and trade to the top companies in the industry. Token will help:

  • reduce the centralization of the listing process on the site;
  • improve the process of checking transactions;
  • to stimulate fast and efficient communication with investors with greater transparency of information.

Owning a cryptocurrency BFT provides VIP access to certain parts of the BnkToTheFuture platform, which were previously available only to investors, opening the opportunity to earn tokens for help in due diligence, in choosing the direction of the transaction and in updates for investors.

BFT tokens were issued in the amount of 1 billion and distributed as follows:

  • Token sale-33%;
  • company tokens-30% (with blocking for 2 years);
  • reward pools-20%;
  • remuneration of shareholders, advisors and founders-10% (with a lock for 1 year);
  • the cost of ICO is 7%.


ICO of BnkToTheFuture was conducted in two stages. Closed pre-sale started in December 2017 and ended in February 2018. During this time, 300 million BFT was sold at a price of 0.1 dollar per token, the project managed to get the amount of hard cap — 30 million USD. The public sale of tokens for users from the white list was held from 6 to 13 February, the minimum amount of participation was 1,000 USD, the maximum — 10,000. 30 million BFT were sold out on time and brought 3 million investment. All tokens sold during the ICO do not have a blocking period.

Where to buy[edit]

BFT was listed on the exchange in March 2018. According to the results of four months of free trade, the cost of the cryptocurrency project BnkToTheFuture is 0.073 USD, and the market capitalization reached 46.8 million USD.

60% of the total amount of issued tokens is in circulation. The daily trading volume for all currency pairs with BFT is 3.7 million USD, of which: 83% are on Ethfinex, 15% — Huobi, 2% —

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