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Brain Space is a international talent promotion platform and intellectual property protection. This project aims to solve many problems faced by the authors. The project will do this with the help of a multiplatform that provides the possibility of protecting intellectual property and its monetization. At the moment, the project is at the ISO stage, which will end in March 2019. Brain Space is developed by the company IMPERIVM LTD.

Overview Brain Space[edit]

Problems and solution[edit]

The project developers highlight the next problems in the "talent market":

  • low level of private authorial activity (domination belongs to the business sector)
  • low level of interaction between business and entrepreneurs with intellectual property (lack of a quality direct “bridge” between the author and business)
  • lack of a high-quality and uninterrupted ecosystem available to authors of the “initial link”, as well as the presence of an authority factor among authors and the possibility of excluding the term “turn”
  • constant difficulties with tracing the violation of property rights on the object of the author.

Solving these problems consists of the next components:

  • providing the author, who is in a "sleep" and "home conditions" mode, the possibility of full involvement in publication and popularization with access to an expert audience
  • a platform that allows quickly, in a quality and understandable language to establish interaction between the author and the person interested in the usefulness of his work for himself, as well as allowing to ensure rapid organization of the team decision by combining the authors into one project
  • multifunctional platform with the possibility of the maximum rapid development of the author, as a holder of cultural value in the form of his work
  • own algorithm for recognizing duplication of an audiovisual and text object on the Internet, which will speed up the processing of data to identify copyright infringement, up to automatic notification of the author in the case of using his work.
Project Ecosystem[edit]

Brain Space present a multi-platform that will significantly simplify and expand the possibilities of IP registration and the further fate of the author of a work of any cultural theme and value. Realizing the registration of intellectual property through service, the author will open the maximum number of levers for globalizing his product both towards monetization, and in the direction of popularizing the product and entering the broader market. Ecosystem consists of:

  • Brain Deposit - IP protection area by depositing protectionobjects online
  • Brain Art - the author’s personal space with a wide range of tools for promoting his work and acquaintance of the public with his creativity
  • Brain Market - a trading platform for the sale of the IP facility “Turnkey”, or transfer of the right to a license with further use of the object by the license purchaser at its discretion
  • Brain Protect - a service that allows you to receive expert advice on all matters relating to the protection of IP and its further use
  • Brain Unity - service that allows you to optimize the implementation of complex projects that require the participation of several artists
  • Brain Invest - Service that allows you to easily and quickly organize the attraction of investment funds for the implementation of major projects of IP authors, or their commonwealth
  • Brain Star - Service that allows to ensure full support of the declared author “on a turn-key basis” to the result of an exit to the investor and further transfer of the author to a producer basis
  • Brain World - Service that allows to become a part team project “Brain Space” by opening a branch (representation) of the project office and further monetization at the expense of the involved users (authors, investors, lawyers stov) in the project.
Optimitation of payments[edit]

To optimize payments, developers included in the project the author’s product of the company IMPERIVM LTD, designed specifically for integration into the project Brain Space. IMPERIVM Change is a universal payment tool that allows to easily purchase IMP tokens for their further use in the Brain Space project, as well as use regular services in case of need to exchange traditional currency for crypto currency.

It is worth noting a number of advantages of the online exchanger IMPERIVM Change in front of existing competitors:

  • lower interest rate (commission for withdrawal)
  • a unique encryption algorithm that ensures maximum security in data exchange and transaction execution
  • a multi-level system of accounts from rapid exchange to partnerships with obtaining additional revenue from transactions of attracted users.
Brain Space Project Hub[edit]

Company decided to build its own data center with a capacity of 2,500 KW, a total capacity of 5 Petabytes, a total of 200 server racks and a total capacity of 40 Gbit / s each.

Data Center “Europe”

  • Total area - 1700 m²
  • The area of server rooms - 1100 m²
  • Number of server racks - 200 (with extension to 400 racks)

A detailed description of the technical solution can be found in White Paper of Brain Space.


The principle of token[edit]

IMP Token is a universal payment tool in the project “Brain Space” with unlimited potential as a means of payment, and an investment tool that can increase the amount of investments when buy it in two, three, or even five times, depending on the fluctuation of the exchange rate on the market and on the total turnover amount in the system, as well as on the total number of holders.

The value of the token for the holders[edit]
  • in addition to the single settlement currency on the project, the IMP token will be used on the crypto-exchanges as a trading instrument, which will lead to its irreproachable growth in relation to traditional currencies, for example, such as: USD, EUR, UAH.
  • IMP token - The currency of the global marketing site with constant turnover

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