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BREM — the new generation service and real estate platform.

Created by the BREM team, the portal is a new generation site, with a unified international real estate base, a set of technological services for transferring assets of the global real estate market, as well as a blockchain-register of property rights. The task of the platform is to simplify communication between international state organizations and to ensure the most accessible process of buying real estate online.

On the website the developers, real estate agencies and investors (buyers) will be able to make transactions for the purchase of real estate or its part from any region of the country and the spot of the world, having at hand all the necessary additional tools (mortgage, legal support, booking and registration of the transaction, etc.). The data on transactions will be transferred to state-owned blockchain registries, and in parallel, its own register will be created, in which the history of the objects is stored. Also, developers can tokenize real estate and attract investment for construction. Payment for transactions are accepted in the cryptocurrencies and the funds in the "Safe Transaction" mode without intermediaries.

Access to the Portal is opened to, on the one hand, developers who form the range of primary real estate objects, on the other side — agencies, individuals who create a variety of secondary real estate and direct investors (buyers) who are able to pick the right object from the broadest possible information base.

In turn, real estate agencies can form their personal store of secondary objects and sell them through the Portal. Such a tool is mutually beneficial to all parties and helps to reach new heights in sales.

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