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Caesure is a Python implementation aiming for full-node features, by Sam Rushing, available on github.



Handles incoming & outgoing connections, does parallel blockchain download. Caches metadata for quick startup. Many-worlds ledger implementation nearly finished.


Since this uses shrapnel, it leaves out Windows users, but still allows bsd, darwin/osx, & linux.

The target platform is a well-connected machine (i.e., in a colocation facility) with fast disk and lots of memory. [As of October 2014, the process size is approximately 3GB. I would recommend at least 6GB of memory, the more the merrier.]

Note: you should be using a 64-bit system. Although it should be possible to run most of the system in 32-bit mode, consider it an unsupported configuration, because of the memory requirements.

Performance-sensitive code is written in Cython, including packet codec, b58, hexify, etc...

The script engine is mostly done. Needs some work on failing constraints like stack size, sig count, etc.

The current plan is to have a pruning ledger in memory (with journalling-style checkpoints to disk). Without a ledger, this code is not a full forwarding node, and thus by default the 'relay' flag in the outgoing version packet is set to False.

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