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Calvin Ayre is a Canadian entrepreneur and a fierce advocate for Bitcoin SV (BSV), which according to Ayre is “the only cryptocurrency and blockchain capable of realizing the ‘Satoshi Vision’ of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto.”

About Calvin Ayre[edit]

Ayre grew up on a farm outside Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and graduated from high school in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. His parents were grain and pig farmers. In 1984, he received a bachelor of science (BSc) in general sciences from the University of Waterloo, adding an MBA in management finance from City University of Seattle in 1989.


From origins on a Canadian pig farm, Ayre became an online gambling pioneer, building his Bodog brand into a global powerhouse in digital entertainment and ultimately landing his face on the cover of the Forbes’ 2006 Billionaires issue.

Shortly thereafter, Ayre ceased his active role in Bodog’s gambling operations in favor of launching the Ayre Group, which focuses on venture capital, real estate, media, resort development, and Bitcoin.

Ayre Media includes gambling industry news site and the crypto-focused Ayre also hosts an ongoing series of CoinGeek Conferences that bring together notable figures in the cryptocurrency sector.

Following the 2018 hard fork of the Bitcoin network, Ayre became a champion of BSV.

Ayre launched his CoinGeek-branded mining pool, which focuses exclusively on mining BSV. CoinGeek is also a founding member of the Bitcoin Association.

Ayre currently resides in Antigua, where he oversees his Calvin Ayre Foundation charitable arm. In 2018, Ayre was named the Antiguan Halo Foundation’s Philanthropist of the Year at its annual Wings of Charity event.

In 2017, Ayre was appointed a special economic envoy for the government of Antigua and Barbuda. Ayre advises the government on the effective implementation of new technological developments in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and to foster economic cooperation on blockchain technology with other countries.

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