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Cryptocurrency CAN is a digital token of a decentralized platform for buying and selling services CanYa. The work on this platform began in 2016, and in 2017 it was locally launched for residents of the Australian city of Darwin. With the help of the digital token CAN, all payments will be carried out within the network, which can be accessed through a mobile application and a browser. Users can download the app to their phones via Google Play.


In addition to the use of cryptocurrency CanYaCoin on the platform, it is possible to use traditional payment methods. But, in case of payment by tokens, there will be no commission, which, according to the team, will encourage users to use CanYa.


By 2019, the team will have time to launch all the planned developments, and begin to actively promote their platform. During this time, it is planned to develop communication devices, chatbots, referral programs, invoices and other features.

Where to buy[edit]

CanYaCoin is a project with $11 million capitalization. The tokens can be purchased on the cryptocurrency exchange Kucoin for 26 cents apiece. At the moment, the daily trading volume of CAN tokens is $489 thousand.

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