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Cewnote is a dispersed review platform that uses blockchain technology built on the Ethereum blockchain. With this technology, the Cewnote platform will be dispersed and make the information more reliable. Cewnote also plans to introduce an advanced algorithm based on Token Cewnote, which will revolutionize the news industry.


This platform is an alternative to all news publications, the authors of articles will receive a reward for their work, and readers will be able to subscribe to the author and vote. Everyone will be able to earn money and possibly find their job in journalism. The platform provides a unique way of news release, which previously did not exist. It is a worldwide and safe system. Cewnote will not ask for any personal data, each consumer will have their own anonymous addresses. Payment is made in Cewnote Tokens.


Since any government controls the information sector, and it often happens that the news comes from unreliable sources, as well as carry false information, the news platform Cewnote is decentralized, and the news is created using anonymous addresses, so the consumer does not have to worry that he will be silenced. It excludes any control or interference in the news. No one except the author will be able to edit the article. Each author will have to be open to vote on their articles. The voting will take place in several categories and those authors who will be credible to readers and subscribers, will be able to work as editors on the Cewnote platform, as well as be able to track fake or unreliable articles, and decide whether to publish them or not.

Mobile application[edit]

Very soon, an application for the phone will be released, which includes a variety of functionality, such as a mobile wallet, personification, analytics, regular updates and security.

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