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Chainalysis is a blockchain start up with the objective to establish trust in blockchains between people, businesses, and governments. The software is targeted at spotting connections between entities on the Bitcoin blockchain. Chainalysis helps Bitcoin businesses and banks to detect fraud and prevent money laundering.


Chainalysis provides a software solution for forensic analysis that help law enforcement agencies track the movement of bitcoin. Chainalysis uses statistical techniques to identify when given transactions are likely to be tied to criminal activity. As of early 2018 the company plans to extend its forensic analysis from Bitcoin to at least 10 other major cryptocurrencies.

Among the customers are law enforcement agencies, banks and financial service companies.

Background Information[edit]

  • Country: United States
  • Headquarter: New York
  • Founded: October 2014
  • Type: Financial Services
  • Round: Series A
  • Money Raised: $16 million
  • Date: 5-April-2018
  • Investors: Benchmark


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