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Chainfund is a decentralized asset-management platform, founded in October 2017 with initial funds of more than US$1million from more than 100 investors and offers a 1-click investment experience designed to be open and accessible to everyone. Chainfund substantiates their highly ambitious nature with their philosophy- investing in high potential Crypto-assets with long-term values and growth. Chainfund currently offers investors the Dynamic, Extreme, ICO portfolios and the newly launched MNODE fund on a seamless platform. Recently, Chainfund signed a partnership with Wanchain. [1]

Chainfund is developing some interesting projects, especially in the realm of tokenized funds. They aim to make the benefits of digital assets more accessible to the average investor, allowing them to enter funds that would normally be out of reach in traditional markets. One of their first projects is MNODE, which grants the average retail investor access to Masternodes and the income they generate.


Founders Thanh Do and Yann Quelenn possess a high degree of expertise in Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Quantitative Finance, Economics and FX trading from their background as a Full Stack Software Engineer and Market Strategist for SwissQuote respectively. The founders’ individual expertise perfectly matches one another in the efforts of building Chainfund from the ground up.

Thanh Do is Chainfund’s CEO. He is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, and fintech software engineer. He has been the founder and CEO of EMVN — top 50 worldwide YouTube network with 1 billion views monthly. He has been a full-stack engineer in Swissquote Bank Switzerland, a leading fintech company in trading markets such as stock, forex, crypto, and eGambling. Thanh graduated as MSc in Computer Science from the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), top-12 QS World University Ranking 2018. [2]

Yann Quelenn is an investment professional with strong technical and financial background. He worked in several institutions such as Swissquote Bank in Switzerland where he was Market Strategist. He was also FX Trader at Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild and Portfolio Manager at Polaris Investment in Luxembourg. Yann has also a master’s from Bocconi University, one of the most prestigious European University, where he has got a degree in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management. He has been featured in many tier 1 media such as the Guardian, Bloomberg, Reuters and The Financial Times and has already participated in several speaking events. [3]

The Chainfund team consists of 22 members from Switzerland, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore.


Chainfund currently offers investors the Dynamic, Extreme, ICO portfolios and the new launched MNODE Fund on a seamless platform which provides:

  • exploration to a range of efficiently diversified portfolios
  • gateway for securely depositing money and receive your portfolio shares
  • collection of ROI by selling shares

Chainfund’s low entry rate appeals to a broader audience. Starting from $1,000, investors will have full control of withdrawals, access to the latest AI risk management algorithms and receive the best proposals and diversification options to maximize returns while mitigating risks by our committed team of finance professionals, experienced fund managers and researchers. All transactions within Chainfund, will be processed through smart contracts, thus ensuring security, transparency and accuracy.


This fund focuses on long-term sustainability whilst exposing sufficient risk, meticulously calculated to capitalise on the overall growth of Crypto-assets based on mainstream adoption potential. [4]

  • 40% Allocation always in Top 10 Cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization.
  • Privacy Coins
  • Blockchain Infrastructure Platforms
  • Utility tokens backed by a real economic model


This fund portrays the methodology of Value Investing. Focusing on undervalued, high-growth potential coins found lower by ranking in terms of Market Capitalization for maximum returns tempered with realistic risk management. The Extreme Fund possesses a much higher risk-to-reward ratio as compared to Dynamic Fund. The fund will also introduce short-term swing trades to find profits during times of market volatility. [5]

  • 10% Allocation in Top 10 Cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization.
  • Privacy Coins
  • Blockchain Infrastructure Platforms
  • Scalability and Interoperability solutions
  • Utility tokens backed by a strong economic model.
  • Short-term trades (20%)


With over $5.6 billion [6] has been raised in the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) market in 2017, Chainfund aims to take advantage of the new method in raising funds and capital by introducing an ICO Fund.

Leveraging from its strong network, Chainfund offers an opportunity for retail investors to participate in private and pre-sales for an ICO, traditionally only available to private accredited investors, venture capitalists and institutions. Through the power of syndication, investors are able gain access to higher bonus structures and benefit from a much higher Return-on-Investment (ROI).

Potential partnerships will be meticulously vetted by our dedicated team of analysts, researchers and financial experts. Investors will be provided with our Due Diligence Report prior to investing. Chainfund also strives to open up more opportunities for its investors in due time as the crypto-market continues to find itself amongst the more established asset classes.

Participated ICOs:



The Masternode market has grown spontaneously in the past year with over 3 billion market capital and hundreds of other masternode enable coins, Chainfund developed MNODE aiming at leveraging the benefit of this new technology.

MNODE is a tokenized Masternode fund, featuring:

  • 1-click investment experience with all assets are tokenized by a single MASTER token, intuitive platform management
  • Zero fee structure
  • Power of Syndication that enable diversified portfolio and access to maximum bonus rewards
  • Fast reward distribution with rewards are credited to staked wallets bi-weekly


MNODE Private Sale

MNODE is a zero-fee, close-ended, tokenized Masternode fund that provides investors with diversified exposure to passive coin income. A Masternode provides key services to a blockchain for which it receives block rewards. However, Masternodes are often inaccessible to the average retail investor, as they require large initial capital investments and technical knowledge. The Masternode Fund is a new type of investment vehicle: by purchasing the Masternode Fund Token (MASTER), investors are entitled to receive passive income obtained from a balanced portfolio of selected blockchain technology projects.

It leverages Masternodes, a state-of-the-art blockchain technology which offers numerous benefits to its parent blockchain including transaction privacy, instant transactions, and efficient governance. More precisely, the fund will leverage its expertise in blockchain technologies to overcome the technical difficulty in setting up, running, and monitoring these masternodes. The fund can fulfill the collateral minimum requirement of Masternode coins that an individual could not afford alone. The investment in Masternode coins will rely extensively on data analytics and financial engineering to maximize ROIs with a stable token price. Uniquely, the fund has zero management fee and zero performance fee, whereby all costs are covered by collecting a fraction of the block rewards. [7][8]


  • Power of Syndication - Enable diversified portfolio & access to maximum bonus rewards
  • Zero-Fee Structure - No management, performance or broker/exit fee
  • 1-click Investment - All assets are tokenized by a single MASTER token, intuitive platform management
  • Fast Reward - Rewards are credited to staking wallets bi-weekly


  • Technical Difficulties - Dedicated server rig, 24/7 uptime, static IP address
  • High Cost - High collateral required (e.g. $225,000 for 1 DASH Masternode)
  • Expertise Required - Risk of losing collateral due to market volatility of Masternode coins


  • Power of Syndication - Pool the investments to unlock large reward structures of Masternode coins in a diversified portfolio
  • Seamless Running and Monitoring of Masternodes - Guarantee fund operations with 24/7 IT infrastructure, Smart Contract, and Oracle audit services
  • Algorithmic Portfolio Management - Masternode coins allocation and monitoring by our financial quant and experienced fund managers



According to this agreement, Chainfund shall work with Wanchain as the exclusive public Blockchain technology partner. During this project term, Wanchain will provide Chainfund with blockchain advisory where necessary by introducing this project to leading blockchain consulting partners that can assist our project’s development. Furthermore, during this project term, Chainfund shall have the opportunity to access to Wanchain Investor network, promising huge opportunities for Chainfund’s vision of global expansion. Chainfund’s work in developing accessible digital asset funds fits well within Wanchain’s vision of rebuilding finance. [9]

Future Additions[edit]

Chainfund is developing their own permissionless blockchain. A secure, auditable, scalable infrastructure to enable seamless experience, full transparency, and instant payment confirmations.

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