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Choon logo
Choon ICO Review
Choon ICO
Ticker: NOTES
ICO start: 2018-07-02 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 500,000,000 NOTES
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 25%
Accepting: ETH

Since launching in May 2018, the site has amassed over 5,000 tracks from 2,000 artists making it the blockchain's largest music streaming platform with a thriving user community.

Choon is built by music industry and blockchain professionals including international DJ and record producer, an Gareth Emery, and blockchain developers and co-founders of the renowned CryptoPunks project, John Watkinson & Matt Hall. Its advisory board includes Mark Gillespie (Manager, Calvin Harris), RAC (2017 Grammy Winner), Benedict Chan (CTO, BitGo) and Marco Santori (President, Blockchain).

With 25% week-on-week user growth and press coverage in BBC, Forbes, Billboard, and Coindesk, Choon's token sale for their native NOTES token should be one of 2018's hottest media token-sales.


Choon will be a commercial-grade music-streaming ecosystem designed for the public at large, not simply the cryptocurrency community. So, while blockchain technology will allow us to deploy a trustless, low cost decentralized marketplace for music and near-real-time royalty payments for the regular (non-blockchain-savvy) user, blockchain interactions will happen unnoticed and under the hood, while being fully accessible to those looking for them.
This means that Choon is positioned to be one of the �rst generation of projects to introduce blockchain technologies to the rest of the world, because it can be used by anyone.


November 2017: Initial announcement
December 2017: Advisory board established
Proof of concept live on Ethereum Testnet
January 2018: Pre-product token sale launched
Press outreach starts
February 2018: Pre-product token sale completes
Product build begins
March 2018: Advisory board expands
April 2018: Contract audits successfully completed
Final white paper released
May 2018: Platform launches on Ethereum and
June 2018: Launch of Monetized Playlists
Redesigned home page
July 2018: Token sale launched
Mobile app development starts
August 2018: Token sale ends: NOTES tokens are unlocked
Staking proof-of-concept
September 2018: Platform design 2.0 goes live
NOTES to crypto & gift voucher gateway
October 2018: Bi-directional tipping
Support for podcast & audiobooks enabled
November 2018: Choon Collectibles
Track comments & discussions
December 2018: iOS/Android app launches
January 2019: Gamified staking features
February 2019: Promoted tracks via in-ecosystem NOTES spend
Ticketing platform development starts
March 2019: Lossless downloads enabled
Choon opens to independent record labels
April 2019: Sinks & token burns
NOTES merch store launches
May 2019: DJ mixes launch
Artist crowdfunding
June 2019: Charging model starts
Sync platform/commercial music licensing development starts
July 2019: Choon begin purchasing NOTES
August 2019: Remixes support launches
September 2019: Choon Collectibles aftermarket
October 2019: Continuous play/Choon Radio
November 2019: NOTES to Fiat Gateway
December 2019: Investing in artists
January 2020: Deals with major publishers & record labels[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Gareth Emery CEO & Co-founder; Gareth Emery photo 3.4
Bjorn Niclas CMO & Co-Founder Bjorn Niclas photo 3.4
John Watkinson CTO & Co-Founder John Watkinson photo 3.4
Matt Hall Co-founder & President Matt Hall photo 3.4
Scott Sartin CFO & Co-Founder Scott Sartin photo 3.4
Mark Gillespie Advisors Mark Gillespie photo 3.4
Benedict Chan Advisors Benedict Chan photo 9.7
David Hyman Advisors David Hyman photo 3.4
Savan Kotecha Advisors Savan Kotecha photo 3.4
Min Kim Advisors Min Kim photo 29.8
Alvin Jiang Advisors Alvin Jiang photo 3.4
George Li Advisors George Li photo 6.46
Cindy Charles Advisors Cindy Charles photo 3.4
Jeremy Seow Advisors Jeremy Seow photo 10.3
Matt Rodriguez Advisors Matt Rodriguez photo 3.4
Matt Colon Advisors Matt Colon photo 3.4

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