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CoTrader ICO Review
CoTrader ICO
Ticker: COT
ICO start: 2018-08-01 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-08-31 00:00:00
Price: 1 ETH = 500,000 COT
Tokens: 20,000,000,000 COT
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 10,000,000 USD
Softcap: 2,000,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 20%
Accepting: ETH, BTC

Everyone is looking for what the blockchain will be good for, besides money, fund raising, and governance.

CoTrader is "the killer blockchain app"| that brings something to the world that's never been possibly before.

By combining the power of cryptocurrency and smart-contracts, CoTrader can disrupt the $85 trillion investment funds industry, and solve the problems of investing in the complicated cryptos and ICOs markets. CoTraders can invest with the best investors without sending their assets to anyone. Their onchain smart funds provide proof of fund performance, known fees, borderless access, and total asset control.

Their working MVP at can already support cryptos & ICO Futures. It'll the be the world's first platform to do so.


The power of the blockchain is spreading to the masses, giving people control of their assets in a secure and trustless manner. Third parties are no longer required to hold assets nor act as middleman for the transfer of ownership. Blockchain technology allows users to make immediate, peer-to-peer, low-cost transactions.
Exchanges allow users to trade between different cryptocurrencies, and decentralized exchanges that keep users in full control of their assets are growing quickly.
One area where we have yet to see decentralization occur is the world of asset management. Investment funds managed a massive $16 trillion of assets last year in the US alone. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies rises, more and more crypto hedge funds are being created to take advantage of the massive financial opportunities. These funds with dedicated professionals managing the assets can be extremely profitable, but to take advantage of them often requires trusting a third party to honestly report its holdings and not misuse the funds.
CoTrader is building a platform that brings fund management to the blockchain in a decentralized and secure manner. CoTrader keeps users in control of their funds while providing proof of fund performance on chain. Investors are able to co-trade with the best investors giving them the ability to realize huge returns while also benefiting the fund managerwith a success fee for his efforts.
Other attempts to solve the problem of decentralized fund management have failed by adding a large degree centralization to their systems and not providing the liquidity required for traders to effectively manage their funds. CoTrader solves both these problems by integrating with multiple decentralized exchanges including Bancor and Kyber providing fund managers with the full liquidity offered by these platforms.
CoTrader will also introduce private funds that allow fund managers to prove performance on chain while maintaining privacy as to the trades they are making. This will be accomplished using CoTrader’s patent pending algorithms that can operate given any privacy preserving smart contract mechanisms such as zk-SNARKs, ring signatures, bulletproofs, and others.


July, 2017: MVP/arch in dev. Filed provisional-patents.
November, 2017: Dev MVP and new concepts. Filed more provisional patents.
March, 2018: MVP demos.
June, 2018: MVP live on testnet.
August, 2018: Sale ended. MVP live on mainnet.
October, 2018: ICO trading tools expansion.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Eric Zeng ALGORITHMIC TRADING & DATA SCIENCE Advisers Eric Zeng photo 4
Barak Ben-Ezer CRYPTO FIN-REG ADVISOR Advisers Barak Ben-Ezer photo 4
Ori Levi MARKETING ADVISOR Advisers 10.9
Jimmy Naraine COMMUNICATIONS ADVISOR Advisers Jimmy Naraine photo 4
Adam Naraine CRYPTO PM & ANALYST Advisers Adam Naraine photo 4
Elad Peled Advisor Advisers 11.2
Elad Peled STRATEGY ADVISOR Advisers Elad Peled photo 11.2
Gary Bernstein FOUNDER & CEO Core Gary Bernstein photo 7.2
Eliezer Steinbock CTO Core Eliezer Steinbock photo 4
Pasha Kaza COO Core Pasha Kaza photo 4
Samuel Guigui BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Core Samuel Guigui photo 4
Ilkin Jafarli COMMUNITY MANAGER, ASIA Core Ilkin Jafarli photo 7.6
Adam Kovacs FINTECH ANALYST Core Adam Kovacs photo 4
David Benchimol BACKEND AND BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPER Core David Benchimol photo 4
Parwej Ahamad Developer Developers Parwej Ahamad photo 4
Ruslan Mirov Developer Developers 4
Anjuman Ara Adhora Social Outreach SMM 4
Tania Akter Social Outreach SMM 4

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