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Since 2014, Coin24 has been dedicating 100% of its time to share news from the cryptocurrency world with its readers.

Coin24 strongly promotes the growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Sharing the belief that cryptocurrency will one day decentralize banks and other established systems to restore financial power to the general public.

Coin24 brings its readers cutting edge news, including all the technological advancements that cryptocurrency and blockchain provide throughout the business world and crypto markets. Educating and informing by providing interviews and white papers from the biggest influencers and experts in the crypto industry.

COIN24.FR Feeds:[edit]


To gain greater control over investment strategies Coin24 has a range of RSS feeds that can be transmitted directly to your computer or smartphone.

Popular Categories:[edit]

Here are some of the most popular RSS content categories:

A full list of RSS feeds exclusively from COIN24.FR can be found here:


Coin24 has over 100K users a month from France, Switzerland and Belgium.