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Jump to: navigation, search is a bitcoin investment scam that promises to pay you 4% to 6% interest per day with no risk whatsoever. Find out why it’s a scam today in our review.

What is[edit] is a high yield investment program (HYIP) and pyramid scheme rolled into one sleazy “investment opportunity”. Found online at, the website promises you enormous investment returns with no risk, no hard work, and no skill required. If you give the company a bunch of money, they’ll wave their magic wand and turn it into more money. You’ll make 4% to 6% interest per day, every day, for 35 days.

Ultimately, like most other HYIPs and pyramid schemes online, doesn’t appear to have any legitimate products or services. The company appears to be a straight-up Ponzi scheme: the returns of older investors are paid for by the deposits of new members, and the scheme continues until it inevitably collapses.

We see no reason to believe that is a legitimate investment opportunity. The founders also refuse to disclose their identity, location, or contact information.

How Does Work?[edit] doesn’t require any skill, experience, or risk to get rich. Instead, you just give the company money. The company doesn’t really claim to invest in anything, nor do they claim to put your money towards any type of business. Obviously, when someone promises to pay you 4% to 6% ROI per day, every day, it’s a 100% sign you’re participating in an investment scam or Ponzi scheme.

The website vaguely mentions “cryptocurrency mining” and “a team of professional traders”. However, no bitcoin trader or cryptocurrency mining operation can consistently make returns of 4% to 6% per day. It’s just not possible.

Another sign is a scam is that the company claims to have been running for 183 days, with 11,776 members signed up so far. The website posts “statistics” showing that members have deposited $573,591.29 into the platform and withdrawn $521,369.21. As with everything else on, we have no reason to believe these numbers are legitimate.

In any case, here’s the step by step process for getting rich quick with

Step 1) Register an account

Step 2) Make a deposit and pay your membership fee

Step 3) Get paid 4% to 6% per day

Step 4) Request a withdrawal as long as you have a minimum balance of 0.004 BTC

As far as we can tell, nobody has ever earned anything close to 4% to 6% returns for 35 days using We can find no evidence that anyone has been able to withdraw their money or receive any type of payment. also mentions “Bitstorm Debit Cards”. They claim you can order these debit cards by contacting the company’s “financial managers”. However, we can find no evidence that anyone has ever actually received their debit card. Pricing[edit]

Standard Plan: 4% per day for 35 days (minimum $10 maximum $100)

Advanced Plan: 5% per day for 35 days (minimum $150 maximum $450)

Premium Plan: 6% per day for 35 days (minimum $500 maximum $1,000)

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