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CoinJournal – CoinJournal is an unbiased cryptocurrency news and analysis site


Set up in 2014, CoinJournal was created to distribute cutting edge Cryptocurrency news and analysis across English speaking countries. Helping to educate, inform and keep people up-to-date with all cryptocurrency and Blockchain advances.

CoinJournal seeks to interview key CEOs, influencers and experts in the cryptocurrency industry. Keeping it’s readership up to date with new policies, regulation, laws, white papers and anything impacting the cryptocurrency markets in real time.

Providing exposure to companies and people that apply blockchain technology at the heart of their business, platform, app, infrastructure or association.

CoinJournal Feeds[edit]

CoinJournal is dedicated to delivering stories on the latest breaking crypto news, these can be accessed via a range of RSS feeds.

Here are are some of the most popular RSS content categories:

A full list of RSS feeds exclusively from CoinJournal can be found here:

Audience: CoinJournal CoinJournal serves an audience of over 115-130K users a month, with the majority of users coming from the UK and US.

CoinJournal also has a sister guide site how to buy bitcoin.