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CoinPoker is a new site to play poker with its own cryptocurrency. The ICO of CoinPoker was successfully completed in January 2018, and now any player can start earning. Users can download the client from the official website. The game supports Windows and MacOS operating systems, as well as mobile versions for Android and iOS.


After registration, users will need to verify through a third-party application Civic Secure Identity. It needs to be installed on a mobile phone and scan the QR-code that will poker room provide. Users will need to confirm their phone number and email. CoinPoker is the first large-scale project that combines cryptocurrency and poker. Unlike similar sites, CoinPoker has completed the ICO. Cryptocurrency of CoinPoker is CHP (chips).


  • Own game currency.
  • Cryptocurrency that is sold on exchanges.

CoinPoker is not only a poker room, but also a full-fledged investment project where users can earn money without even playing poker.


  • The CHP cryptocurrency is limited in quantity and its release was completed in January 2018.
  • During pre-ICO in 6 days 100.000.000 CHP (totaling about $4 800 800) were sold;
  • Almost 154 000 000 CHP were sold on ICO;
  • 50 800 000 CHP were created in tournaments;
  • 25 000 000 CHP were created for trading on the exchange;
  • 25 000 000 CHP were distributed among the team members.


  • The transaction rate will increase by several thousand times. Now, to withdraw money from the poker room, users need from a few hours to 3 days to approve the application and up to 5 days before the money will fall to their account. Thanks to smart contacts, cashouts and deposits will pass at lightning speed.
  • Safety of bankrolls. Thanks to blockchain, players' money is safe. Since the information about the account status is stored in the blockchain in encrypted form, it will not be possible to steal the bankroll from the player.
  • Anonymity. When registering for CoinPoker minimum amount of personal data is used. No account verifications by passport or driver's license.

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