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Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver[edit]

Coinabul sells gold and silver for Bitcoin. Coinabul opened its doors on October 10th, 2011. Since then Coinabul has been heavily involved in the Bitcoin community. Coinabul has given away free posters, held Bitcoin-wide community events, and even held the occasional giveaway.

Services offered[edit]

Gold purchasing[edit]

Coinabul offers many different kinds of gold bars and coins.

Popular choices include:

Silver purchasing[edit]

Coinabul offers many different kinds of silver bars and coins.

Gold/Silver API Access[edit]

Use Coinabul's API to program automated trading bots! More info here:

About Coinabul[edit]

Coinabul was founded inside the United States and is dedicated to transparency and safety. Incorporated in Wyoming, with distribution centers in California, Coinabul ships both nationally, and internationally!

Coinabul reported 1.5 Million dollars in revenue in its first operating year.

Press Hits[edit]

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