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Coinalytics is a venture-backed startup based in Palo Alto pursuing the mission of “providing real-time intelligence for decentralized blockchain platforms”. Coinalytics aims to enlighten the Bitcoin ecosystem by building a cutting-edge analytics framework, making it easy for everyone to understand big data. By identifying the relevant events and extracting the value from the gathered data, our users will greatly benefit from the obtained insights.

Coinalytics’ unique approach applies advanced machine learning and state-of-the-art distributed systems to cryptographic platforms, enabling enterprises to derive real-time business intelligence and risk assessment from blockchains and decentralized applications.

Right at the intersection of the blockchain, Big Data and artificial intelligence, the platform employs advanced pattern recognition methodologies and real-time online learning to mine pseudonymous data with sparse features.

Coinalytics has designed its data infrastructure to scale-out and deal with the scope of any decentralized network, providing business and risk intelligence on transactions in real-time, even before getting confirmed by the Bitcoin network.

  • Country: United States
  • Headquarter: Mountain View
  • Type: Financial Services
  • Round: Seed
  • Cost: $0.1 million
  • Date: 21-Apr-2014
  • Investors: 500 Startups


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