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Jump to: navigation, search is a free and open source project released under the MIT license, originally by OutCast3k in 2013.


TOR: 4zpinp6gdkjfplhk.onion


  • Offline Compressed & uncompressed Address creation.
  • Offline Multisignature Address creation.
  • HD (BIP-32) support
  • "In browser" Key (re)generation.
  • Send and receive payments.
  • Ability to decode transactions, redeem scripts and more offline.
  • Build custom transactions offline.
  • Sign transactions offline.
  • Signatures are deterministic as per RFC 6979 (
  • Broadcast transactions.
  • nLockTime support.
  • Add custom data to transactions with the use of OP_RETURN.
  • Support current DarkWallet Stealth Address structure (as of version Alpha 7) for outputs.
  • Brain wallet support.
  • Compatible with bitcoin-qt
  • An offical <code>.onion</code> address for tor users.
  • Offline qrcode creator and scanning tool

Privacy[edit] believes strongly in privacy, not only does it support the use of TOR, the site also does not collect and store IP or transaction data via their servers.

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