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Coinpayments is one of the multi-currency wallets available online. It supports more than 700 cryptocurrencies and this number is continuously growing. The service is developing, providing its users with ample opportunities not only for storage, but also for the use of cryptocurrencies. The service combines the functionality of the wallet and the payment platform. Supports both known currencies and many rare altcoins.


This service has a number of advantages, including:

  • the ability to keep dozens of cryptocurrencies in one place;
  • quick and easy exchange;
  • quick access;
  • two-factor authentication;
  • possibility to place money in the "safe" for extra security;
  • ability to accept payment for goods and services;
  • ability to create a single tag PayByName for all wallets;
  • simple and intuitive interface.

The main shortcoming is low security, like in any "hot" wallet.

How it works[edit]

It is easy to get started with this service. To do this, follow these steps: Create an account. Activate mail. Log in. Select "Wallet". Select the desired currency, click on the options button. Select "create deposit". Click on "add new deposit address". Get a wallet address.

Then users can deposit funds to their new wallet. Users can exchange one currency to another, send coins to other addresses, etc. To protect money, users must first of all protect their mail, as all procedures are confirmed via it.

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