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Coinroom is an exchange founded in 2016 with a registration in Poland. The trading platform supports three languages: Polish, English, German. The exchange has 22 trading pairs.


The security of the exchange is carried out by cold and hot purses, the authorization of any transaction, the purse is fully provided with its own means, encryption of backup copies at a certain interval, two-factor authentication and confirmation by SMS are also implemented. Also, API support is provided which simplifies the operation.


The exchange supports both fiat and cryptocurrency. The commission of the financial means will be implemented from 1.2% to 1.8%. Crypto coins are entered without commission. A commission of EUR 2 is set for withdrawal; USD 3 + 0.35%. BTC 0.00025; LTC 0.001; ETH 0.005; There is also a gradation of the regiments depending on the turnover on the account for the last 30 days. The commission is not charged if the transaction has not been committed. The total trading volume per day is $10,000,000. The main volume of trade on coins falls on a pair of BTC / USD / GPB / EUR / PLN. Averages on each of the pairs of the order is $2.000.000 per day.

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