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Coinshares Group is European leader in Crypto-finance with over $1 billion in crypto-assets. Coinshares offers two globally traded ETNs based on the decentralized cryptocurrencies bitcoin (Bitcoin Tracker One and BTC Tracker Euro) and ethereum (Ether Tracker One and ETH Tracker Euro). The firm focuses its energy on providing investment vehicles tied to the emerging market of crypto-assets. The ETN provider is approved by the Swedish FSA (Finansinspektionen), and average retail investors can purchase the ETNs which are listed and sold on Nasdaq Nordic in Stockholm. Coinshares is now launching the ‘Active’ Fund and ‘Large Cap’ Fund which offer two types of digital asset fund investment.

The ‘Active’ Fund will follow an alpha-generating ongoing strategy with multiple crypto assets. The ‘Large Cap’ fund will be more a more passive and significant larger basket fund. The Chairman of Coinshares Group, Daniel Masters, believes the firm has a great experience with crypto-investment products and says the company looks forward to offering the new funds.

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