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Colorplatform is a platform where users can create dApps applications using the Color Engine developing automated smart contracts in a simple and convenient way without programming languages. The project will form a large thematic decentralized app store by attracting users to the dapp store platform. It is planned to implement 10 thematic applications, where the COL token will be distributed as payment for the creation, use and storage.

Consensus mechanism[edit]

Colorplatform will include the mechanism of consensus PUF, which enables instant p2p transactions in the exchange Visa/MasterCard. PUF is based on physical changes that naturally occur in the production of semiconductors and that allows users to see the differences between other identical semiconductors. The Colorplatform consensus mechanism does not include mining and is a new approach to technology development. PUF technology was provided by the main ICTK (Korean Advanced Institute of science and technology).


  • ICO has allocated 60% of the issue or 300 million COL, 500 million COL of the ERC-20 standard will be released.
  • 60% of the collected funds will be used for the construction of the platform and the development of dApps. The remaining 40% will go for expansion and marketing.
  • Information about the pre-sale, the amount of bonuses to early investors is unknown, and the amount of commission during the ICO is not disclosed.
  • Crowdsale is scheduled for August 22, 2018.


The Colorplatform gathered a very diverse, but at the same time very interesting transnational company of founders, consultants and developers with fundamental experience in business, science and programming.

Road map[edit]

  • The construction of the site is planned until the end of 2020.
  • MVP is scheduled to be released in autumn 2018.
  • April 2019 - Color Platform 1.0.

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