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Curecoin leverages Stanford University's Folding at Home DCN and Proof of Stake (PoS) security model whereas Gridcoin leverages Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing with a Proof of Research (PoR) security model.

CureCoin rewards are divided four ways (at the time of this writing):

  • 76% - GPU Directly for Protein Folding (including support for the highly efficient Maxwell GPU chipset)
  • 19% - SHA-256 Mining* Securing the Blockchain
  • 3% - Development and Marketing
  • 2% - Donors

The Protein Folding technologies underlying CureCoin and Gridcoin** are complementary to one-another.

"[email protected] and [email protected] are complementary and address very different molecular questions."

Main Similarities:<br>

  1. Anyone with practically any Windows, Mac or Linux PC, can participate in either coin's underlying research, without the need for special equipment.
  2. Both can be considered part of an emerging Epistemic Standard Economy.
  3. Both strive to encourage broad public participation in scientific research.

Key Differences:<br>

  • Gridcoin participants can select from a broad scope of scientific projects (up to 70) from the BOINC network (ranging from Protein Folding, SETI, Collatz Conjecture Mathematics, etc)
  • CureCoin only hosts Protein Folding due to a GPU-centric model of Folding at Home DCN ([email protected] outputs over 40,000 TeraFLOPS -the worlds fastest DCN per day as of this writing).
  • Gridcoin has a built-in sql feature, which allows full queries against the chain.

<nowiki>*</nowiki> Future versions of CureCoin will likely move away from ASIC mining, however SHA-256 currently remains an option for 19% of the network <br><nowiki>**</nowiki> It should be re-emphasized that Gridcoin currently has a broad selection of DCN/GCN projects for participants to chose from (beyond Protein Folding)


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