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cosquare is a global social marketplace with its own CSQ digital currency.

Merging the worlds of blockchain technology, social media and e-commerce, cosquare makes shopping a richer experience for consumers, influencers and brands.

The gamified shopping experience empowering people to earn and liberates brands to sell direct-to-consumer.

cosquare makes cryptocurrency payments mainstream, accepting CSQ and all major crypto and fiat currencies.


cosquare is a globally scalable social marketplace with the potential to transform how a generation of social media users shop. Serving consumers, influencers and brands, cosquare combines the worlds of social media, e-commerce and blockchain technology to create a fun and gamified social shopping experience.

CSQ, cosquare’s own currency, runs on the Ethereum public blockchain, which will act as a medium of exchange for products sold on the cosquare social marketplace. In this way, CSQ fulfils one of the core functions of money as a transfer of value in exchange for goods or services. The CSQ currency performs two functions on the cosquare platform: it is accepted as a means of payment; and a designated platform reserve is used to reward cosquare’s consumers and influencers for their social activity and loyalty.

At cosquare every user is both a potential consumer and influencer with the power to earn CSQ to spend on the platform or exchange and cash out. Every user can influence the buying decision of another through their social activity and can discover (new brands, influencers and products), share, buy, earn and gift on the platform.

Each user is entirely in control of their own cosquare universe, following only the brands and influencers they love. Committed to creating a fully people driven shopping experience, the marketplace is free of advertising. cosquare will however give users the opportunity to opt in to monetise their own data in a transparent way, rewarding them with CSQ for data monetised through publishers and brands.

cosquare liberates brands by facilitating them to sell direct-to-consumer, bypassing the traditional wholesale distribution model. Coupled with the rise of e-commerce, this has put increasing pressure on brands in recent years, leading to bankruptcies amongst some of the world’s best-known retail brands.

cosquare becomes a brand’s social flagship enabling direct conversion to take place in a social environment. The platform accepts the CSQ currency and all major fiat and cryptocurrencies. This service enables brands to tap into the massive value held in cryptocurrencies, but reduces a brand’s exposure to risk in the medium term while cryptocurrencies become a more mainstream and accepted means of payment.

cosquare also plans to provide a decentralised influencer agency where brands and influencers can connect and engage in smart contracts to market and endorse products. The smart contract is agreed directly between the brand and influencer.

cosquare will position itself as a premium platform targeting brands and existing social media users, working with highly reputable marketing partners and agencies, such as the SWG|VICE agency, to achieve this.

Empowering People[edit]

cosquare’s objective is to provide people with a transparent, empowering and rewarding system of online shopping.

- Earn on influence: A cornerstone of the cosquare platform is that every user is an influencer with the power to influence the buying decision of another and earn. Influencers can harness the power of their influence in two ways:

Influencer incentive model: When an influencer’s social activity results in a purchase transaction, that influencer earns a percentage of the sale amount. For example, Influencer A may share a product that they like. If Influencer B clicks the product and purchases it, Influencer A earns a percentage over the successful transaction.

Influencer marketing campaigns: An influencer can engage directly with brands through smart contracts to market products to their social following

The reward to influencers is always paid in cosquare’s CSQ currency. Influencers can spend the reward on the platform or exchange it into fiat currency and cash out from the platform.

- Loyalty payback rewards cosquare offers payback rewards to consumers for their loyalty in making purchases from brands on cosquare. All rewards to consumers are made in the CSQ currency. The payback rewards are distributed according to payment method used with a tiered reward offered for payments made through CSQ, then cryptocurrencies, then fiat currency.

- Enabling users to monetise their own data As cosquare grows and its data becomes more valuable, cosquare influencers will have the option to participate in monetising their own data in a transparent way. cosquare will pass the revenue generated through publishers back to the influencers using an algorithm to reward the most socially active influencers.

- Advertising-free There is no advertising displayed within the cosquare marketplace. cosquare is committed to creating a shopping universe entirely driven by the people using the platform. cosquare users are fully in control of their experience on cosquare, following only the brands and influencers they love.

cosquare simplifies online shopping by enabling purchases from multiple brands and offering a single universal reward system in one place.

CSQ Token[edit]

CSQ runs on the Ethereum blockchain and it is the currency of the cosquare social marketplace.

Currencies draw their value from the common knowledge that they are accepted as money (i.e. a medium of exchange for goods and services). The cosquare platform and CSQ work in synergy, enabling CSQ to be exchanged for a brand’s products on cosquare.

The CSQ acts as a transfer of value in two functions. Firstly, as a payment token CSQ enables consumers to purchase products from brands on the platform. Secondly, CSQ is used to reward influencers and consumers for their social activity and loyalty on cosquare.

The Token Sale[edit]

Token information cosquare
Token symbol CSQ
Token standard ERC-20
Token supply 100,000,000,000
Tokens offered in crowdsale 65,000,000,000
Hard cap 65,000,000,000 CSQ
Token price CHF 0.00020 for pre-ICO / CHF 0.00040 for ICO
Minimum contribution CHF 100 for pre-ICO / CHF 100 for ICO
Date of issue Real time
Blockchain used Ethereum
Token type Payment & Utility (Hybrid)
Unsold tokens Any unsold tokens will be added to platform reserve
Accepted currencies ETH, BTC, Fiat

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