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WP, wiki, BTC developer guide Translate the wiki, guide, and code docs! Prioritize. //

Books: Mastering, ...

News summaries

Best ones not easily available to newbies

Source code guides
Successful dev meetups and mentorships
  • Bitdevs, especially NYC

Current blockchain courses[edit]

Online: Coursera (but what's the sequence of math, cs, econ, game theory, finance?

In person: Berkeley, Ecole Normale; residencies (Chaincode ++)

Can we bring in great visualizers & animators?

Background course sequence[edit]

Core math | Programming exercises | Game theory | Security | OS/Git basics | Contracts

<!-- Videos -, YT... StackExchange, btc.core slack, IRC Google for reading lists? (kanzure++ :)

Reading sourcecode: BTC has lots coping with UTXO size; not an ideal first step Early test projects & contribs? Mentorship?

Difficulty to learn: >1y to contribute. Dev taking 9 mo, still not able to contribute. 20y C dev, after 4y barely comfortable crafting own txn from scratch.

Bitcoin koans; Hackerrank for crypto; diverse & universal contributions, students, orgs Implement Stupidity as complement to solidity & simplicity Examples : BitDevs in NYC! Lots about blockchain, solidity; not so much about BTC. Encourages getting everyone to dive in and talk; unlike SF presentation. [go and learn from them] Open laptops and hack! (SF bitdevs tried this for a while, during Mission20 -- what happened to it?) Training subsidies? corporate subsidies? for new tech. Plenty of expensive courses (Berkeley $4k/wk?) -->


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