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Creditcoin is the decentralized affiliate and content marketing protocol allowing any 3rd party marketplace, retailer & publisher to leverage a token based system for affiliated smart product listings and content marketing campaigns on the network. It’s immediately leveraged as a utility with FLATLAY , a social marketplace Dapp and publishing platform allowing any content creator to build a digital storefront in seconds. Flatlay’s middleware and workflow system amplifies campaigns on 3rd party premium publishers such as CondeNast, Hearst & Refinery29 to work frictionlessly with +100k content creators and millions of products. The platform scales campaigns programmatically against brand-safe inventory, maximizing ROI on the sourced and served creative for advertisers and agencies while helping to own the copyright.

Creditcoin Network[edit]

The Creditcoin Network works complimentary to social commerce platforms such as Flatlay Inc.’s by providing benefit as an infrastructure layer that eliminates intermediaries cutting into margins on campaigns and sales while decreasing transaction fee’s. Creditcoin streamlines payouts between parties with “smart product listings” along with providing the ability to create promotional campaigns with escrow services.

The protocol leverages an independent chain built on Coursera to support gas-less product and campaign registrations incorporating all product variables (color/size/quantity/etc.) and details using IPFS Hashing. It leverages an identification layer to authenticate online retailers and brands registering genuine goods onto the network to confirm authenticity while authorizing which online publishers and marketplaces represent their goods to be sold online . Every conversion and campaign executed benefits network participants with tokenized payout and escrow services due to fiat swap conducted when campaigns and products are paid out from the CCOIN reserve. Over time, all retailers and brands further benefit from the transactions that occur, regardless of whom generates the transaction, based on opting into co-pooling data and conversions. Every transaction can recontribute a percentage of the sale into the CCOIN escrow pool to increase the value of the market cap over time.

The Creditcoin Network is open-sourced for constant improvement and allow all 3rd party's (other apps, marketplace and online publishers) to leverage the listings after passing the validation and approval layer in 2019 and beyond to evolve the technology behind online affiliate sales and content marketing campaigns.

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