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Crowdcoin is a proof of work based cryptocurrency. It is based on the Neoscrypt algorithm, which, according to the developers, is resistant to decryption using ASIC.


The system has masternodes, the formation of a full node requires a deposit of 1000 CRC. The owners of the site provide round-the-clock operation of the server for storage and update of the blockchain.

Where to buy[edit]

It is possible to buy CrowdCoin in 2 ways:

  • Through the exchange. The listing is passed only on Cryptopia, CRC is trading in pair with BTC.
  • Through exchangers, changing BTC to fiat. There is no direct exchange of Crowdcoin for dollars, rubles or euros.


Crowdcoin wallets can be downloaded from the official site for different operating systems:

  • MacOS
  • Windows 64-bit and 32 — bit
  • Linux.

Downloading of WinRar archive starts immediately when users click on the button with the name of the wallet.


The reward for generating a block is 20 CRC. Mining goes to the GPU from NVIDIA or AMD, there are 2 ways of mining coins:

  • Individual, home equipment.
  • Collective, in pools.


CrowdCoin mining is conducted in the following pools:

  • Crowdcoin Pool Domain
  • Openpool
  • Cryptopros
  • Bsod

The Commission is on average from 1 to 5%.

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