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Cryptics logo
Cryptics ICO Review
Cryptics ICO
Ticker: QRP
ICO start: 2018-08-27 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-09-24 00:00:00
Price: 1 QRP = 0,001 ETH
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 66000000
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 20,000,000 USD
Softcap: 4,000,000 USD
Raised: 0
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 66%
Minimum: 0.1 ETH
Accepting: ETH

We are Cryptics - the world's first public crypto analytics based on AI. Our mission is to give any person, whether it`s an investor, an export or a novice market participant, an ability to find key information based on which it will be easier to take most relevant decision regarding mining, buying or selling the cryptocurrency and creating portfolios of cryptocurrencies. We also offer an infrastructure for creating funds for successful traders not matter how small they are. Finally, Cryptics will relate to the academic community to stimulate scientific research in the field of AI, as well as contribute to the further development of the blockchain technology and community.


Cryptics is a platform that identifies the problem of stability lack in cryptocurrency. And it can be solved by increasing the security and trustworthiness of crypto spaces by the implementing the following methods: making the structures transparent, in order for merchants and partners to see the internal structures of a platform, which combines all of them and relate it to each other and to the science community. Cryptics provides efficient and stable markets profitable for everyone, proving its efficiency on fiat markets. Participants will be able to choose a certain digital asset to concentrate on; merchants will have an opportunity to get more profit, offering their services to the Cryptics team. The uniqueness of the platform is that it is going to fill the gap between knowledge and funds. Their use of tokens is built to finance the improvement of the space and to attract an attention of qualified people to make the trustworthy product. Investors will receive high-efficiency toolkit for short-term and mid-term investing options.


December 2016 - Idea and research: - Development of the Cryptics idea
- Research work
- Data collection
Q1-Q2 2017 - Start of the development: - Testing the mathematical models
- ML&DL testing on collected data
- First forecasts
- Adding the news and social data sources
- Team hiring
- AI conception
Q3-Q4 2017 - ICO Preparation: - Token and wallet development on Ethereum basis
- Enlarge the team with experts in ML&DL, UX, Marketing, Business Development
- Prepare ICO (Whitepaper, Website, Marketing)
- Hello World for the MvP in Nov. 2017
2018 - Tokensale & Beta Production: - Tokensale Q1 2018
- AI development for forecast improvements
- Launch portfolio feature
- Marketing activities over the world
- Attracting AI experts groups on a competitive basis
- Cryptics tokens as payment for forecast service
2019 - Automatization & funds: - Full bot's integration for all market transactions
- Development of the decentralized funds infrastructure
- Automatically portfolio management based on KPI forecast
Q1-Q2 2020 - Expand: - Full version is ready and starting next level of development
- Adding more real-time signals from media to increase the speed of forecasts to real world meanings
- Over 30 000 transactions per month based on forecasts
Q3-Q4 2020 - Decentralized funds: - Launch of the dezentralized funds managed by Cryptics users
- Based on AI forecasts and auto-management
- Earning on forecasts, fund infrastructure and marketing for the funds[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Stanislav Maer CEO, Projectmanagement, IT & Marketing Stanislav Maer photo 4.2
Oleg Tereshenko CEO, Strategic & Process Management Oleg Tereshenko photo 4.2
Maxim Maslennikov CTO, AI Software Architect Maxim Maslennikov photo 4.2
Alexey Voronetsky Financial Analyst, Product Development Alexey Voronetsky photo 4.2
Sergei Holmeckis ADVISOR, Finance expert, Business Development Sergei Holmeckis photo 4.2
Yaroslaw Homenko Data scientist, Algorithm Development Yaroslaw Homenko photo 4.2
Ilya Tkachev ADVISOR, ML expert, mathematician Ilya Tkachev photo 4.2
Andrew Konstantin UX Expert, Product Front-end Andrew Konstantin photo 4.2
Dmitry Shcherbakov Data Scientist, Scientific Research Dmitry Shcherbakov photo 4.2
Andrew Gurar Fund Infrastructure Manager, Product development Andrew Gurar photo 4.2
Valerii Hirda Marketing, PPC expert Valerii Hirda photo 4.2
Stas Oskin ADVISOR, WINGS Foundation Stas Oskin photo 34.76
Sebastian Stupurac ADVISOR, WINGS Foundation Sebastian Stupurac photo 15.4
Ofer Rotem ADVISOR, Investor in Blockchain related Startups since 2013 Ofer Rotem photo 4.2
Guy Corem ADVISOR, The president of DAGlabs Guy Corem photo 13.66
Jan Robert Schutte ADVISOR, Cofounder CryptoAcademy, Former BinckBank, Trader & ICO Investor Jan Robert Schutte photo 4.2
Yehoshua Westover ADVISOR, Business Angel, COO of China-Israel Science Technology Innovation Center Yehoshua Westover photo 8
Ismail Malik ICO Strategy ADVISOR, BlockchainLab founder, ICO CROWD Ismail Malik photo 95
Hyeonjin Kim PR ADVISOR, Collaborative studies with BMW and Bosch Hyeonjin Kim photo 4.2
David Kuhl ADVISOR, Business Angel, Head Banking Sales at VASCO David Kuhl photo 8.5
Giovanni Lesna Maranetto Financial ADVISOR, Blocktrade CCO Giovanni Lesna Maranetto photo 45.9
Yuriy Chaban AI Engineer Yuriy Chaban photo 4.2
Alex Namgaladze Head of Communications Alex Namgaladze photo 4.2
Akbar Murataliev CMO Akbar Murataliev photo 7.2
Bruce Jeong Legal ADVISOR, Bruce Jeong photo 4.2
Zahid Ali ADVISOR, Strategic Development Zahid Ali photo 4.2

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