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A multi currency stock exchange/crowd funding platform, supporting Bitcoins, Litecoins and Devcoin denominated securities. The exchange is operated by the same group running Vircurex, the multi currency exchange.


  • List securities/projects/funding ideas
  • Trade shares/bonds
  • Pay/receive dividends
  • Underwrite or buy options (Calls, Puts)
  • Multi level security issuer verification feature
  • Full trading API


Buying and selling[edit]

Buying and selling securities is straight forward. A buy order is executed partially or in full when the price bid can be matched against a sell order that is at or below the bid amount. A sell order is executed partially or in full when the price asked can be matched against a buy order that is at or above the ask amount. Orders that cannot be matched immediately remain in the orderbook until the defined order validity date. All orders must be funded, the exchange does not support unfunded orders.


The trading fees are 0.15% from each party of successful trades. The fees are, by default, subtracted from the proceeds of each trade.


Any registered user can underwrite an option - be it a Call or a Put - on any of the listed securities. The options are covered by the underwriters funds, i.e. the exchange ensures that the underwriter has the required funds available in order to fulfill any obligation arising out of the underwritten options.


Per default, all market participants are anonymous. Security issuers have the option to publish furhter identifying information depending on the level of verification requested. The details range from last login IP all the way to verified postal address.

Plugins available[edit]

There is a Redmine plugin available, allowing to display the trading graph as basic security information on a Redmine platform.

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