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Crypto-Potential logo
Ticker: QCP
Price: 1 QCP = 0.01 USD
Tokens: 1,800,000,000 QCP
Tokentype: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH,BTC

Crypto-Potential (abbreviated CP) is a marketplace for blockchain services designed to incentivize blockchain projects for their meaningful achievements and lower their business costs by up to 70%. The projects are tested for each achievement they have (analyzed market, compliant token, MVP, etc.) and awarded the crypto badges for it. These badges serve as a unique identifier of credibility and recognition and qualify the project to mine QCP tokens weekly for promoting transparency. This gives birth to the proof-of-achievement system.


With large-scale adoption of blockchain technology increases the number of blockchain projects and with it, demand for quality information. The quality of each project is not visible to the community, the most important information is left out or inappreciable although relevant to success in the crypto space. Projects tend to deceive real crucial information and manipulate the numbers, achievements and market and get away with it. The lack of incentives is the main factor why projects choose the easier yet unreliable path to win the bigger market share. Crypto-Potential offers a solution in the form of quality control for blockchain projects through accomplishments that are relevant in the crypto space. Introducing Crypto badges, which are awarded to a project for each of their achievements. These badges serve as a unique identifier of credibility and recognition and are an instrument of token mining for projects. The Crypto-Potential community has access to a selection of projects with verified information and their achievements. Projects which pass the evaluation and are awarded the badges are eligible to mine QCP tokens which will empower and help them achieve more. The more projects achieve, the more they are able to mine, giving them the reason to create a more transparent crypto space.

Proof-of-Achievement System[edit]

Crypto-Potential is using the power of blockchain technology to provide more transparency to the crypto space through crypto badges which are the centerpiece of the proof-of-achievement system. Following proof-of-work and proof-of-stake, proof-of-achievement stimulates the quality of projects. It is exclusively intended for blockchain projects and requires no computing power. This is the case due to achievements and efforts that blockchain companies put into their product and token which gives them the privilege to mine QCP tokens and benefits the whole community. This motivates other projects to be transparent and provide valuable contributions too. Check out the table below to see the current achievements that projects can obtain. The proof-of-achievement system gives weight to the QCP token backing it with project achievements which gives it a strong fundamental. Projects can use their mined tokens to unlock the best deals with quality blockchain service providers who accept QCP tokens for their services.

Crypto Badges[edit]

Badge Name Abbreviation Description Mining potential Requirements

Competiton verified badge - Crypto-Potential.svg

Competition verified badge @CVB Crypto-Potential checks if the blockchain project has done the analysis of their market and competition. Projects which have the research of their market, competition and know their USP, prove they are serious about their business and winning a bigger market share. 500 QCP
  • Unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Document of the competitive analysis or market research

Compliant badge - Crypto-Potential.svg

Compliant badge @CPL Crypto-Potential checks if the project's token is compliant with the country laws and regulations (SEC, FINMA, MAS, BaFin, etc.). The legal opinion and token audit report must be provided for the corresponding jurisdiction. 1000 QCP
  • Token legal opinion
  • Token audit report

Team verified badge - Crypto-Potential.svg

Team verified badge @TVB Crypto-Potential checks if the team members and advisors have a short introduction video where they talk about their involvement with the project. Short introduction video of at least 3 core team members is needed where they clearly state they are affiliated with the project. This includes a KYC process. 2 000 QCP
  • Team introduction videos
  • KYC done with Crypto-Potential

MVP badge - Crypto-Potential.svg

MVP available badge @MVP Crypto-Potential checks if the project has a product that is already working and can be tested. The company must provide a link or file for their product or application to conduct a checkup. MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. 5 000 QCP
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Influential badge - Crypto-Potential.svg

Influential project badge @INF Crypto-Potential checks if the project holds a good deal of influence within the crypto space. Influence can be achieved by articles, promotion videos or discussions about the project. 3 000 QCP
  • At least 2 famous PR articles
  • 2'000 project YouTube video views

Mining process[edit]

The mining process has the following 3 steps:

  1. Acquire achievement
  2. Publish achievement
  3. Start mining

1. Acquire achievement[edit]

To apply for mining QCP tokens, the project can fill out the application form. It is important that the project is blockchain-related. It does not have to do a token sale but it has to use blockchain technology. After the application and required information are processed, the project will be awarded the corresponding badges. The table above contains details for each badge.

2. Publish achievement[edit]

After the achievement has been received, the project can publish it and make visible on its website. The goal of this is to spread the idea of more transparent crypto space and to empower projects to achieve more. The badges can be designed with the online customizer according to the website colors and are adaptable to any site.

3. Start mining[edit]

After publishing, the project becomes eligible to mine QCP tokens weekly for promoting transparency. The mining potential for each badge can be found in the badge table above.

Venn diagram of crypto interests[edit]

Venn Diagram of Crypto Interests.
Venn Diagram of Crypto Interests from Crypto-Potential.

Crypto badges are designed to fulfill the interests of all major parties involved in the crypto space. If we take a look at the three main players, the project achievements occupy the middle space and play the central role. The first group represents the people or community in the crypto space. They are oriented on the solutions which can include content, software, incentives, time-saving, etc. The second group is crypto projects that come up with the solutions which community demands. The project's main interest is the growth of the business. The last group is crypto exchanges which connect both the first and the second group with a token listing which can be of a utility, payment or security type. On closer examination, one realizes that the project achievements are important for all parties since they depend on the delivered solution, growth of the company and ultimately token volume success. The picture illustrates the interests in the Venn diagram.


Quarter Stage
Q1 2018 Entering market
Q2-Q3 2018 Prototype
Customer development
Community feedback
Q4 2018 Core team and advisors
Platform development
Q1-Q2 2019 Whitepaper
Mining v.1
Private funding
Q3-Q4 2019 Partnerships
Product-Market fit
Q1 2020 Roadshow
Public sale
Token distribution
Q2-Q4 2020 Exchange listings
Featured bidding
Mining v.2
Future User interactions
Events and networking
CP v.2


name: title: links: group: photo:
Jason Meng Blockchain Advisor and Crypto Detective Advisors, Crypto Detectives Jason Meng photo
Filip Zolota Business Advisor Advisors Filip Zolota photo
Cyril Claire Investor Relations Advisors Cyril Claire photo
T.K. Hamed Strategy and General Advisor Advisors T.K. Hamed photo
Mihai Bisnel Marketing and PR Advisor Advisors Mihai Bisnel photo
Pratik Gandhi Marketing Advisor Advisors Pratik Gandhi photo
Dario Sagud Co-founder and CEO Team Dario Sagud photo
Nikola Roginic Co-founder and COO Team Nikola Roginic photo
Helena Sagud Co-founder and CMO Team Helena Sagud photo
Sandeep Shukla Lead Architect/Developer Team Sandeep Shukla photo
Parham Lilian Social Media Strategist Team Parham Lilian photo
Serhii Liutov Crypto Detective Crypto Detectives Serhii Liutov photo
Benjamin Poly Crypto Detective Crypto Detectives Benjamin Poly photo
Callum Roxburgh Crypto Detective Crypto Detectives Callum Roxburgh photo
Gianmarco Ferrante Crypto Detective Crypto Detectives Gianmarco Ferrante photo
Ionut Scirlet Crypto Detective Crypto Detectives Ionut Scirlet photo
Krishnendu Chatterjee Crypto Detective Crypto Detectives Krishnendu Chatterjee photo
Sergei Torin Crypto Detective Crypto Detectives Sergei Torin photo
Alessandro Perico Crypto Detective Crypto Detectives Alessandro Perico photo

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