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CryptoSoul - Play game. Win battle. Earn tokens

CryptoSoul - is a free to play online battle royale game



At present, 30% of people in the world already play video games. Year by year, games become more and more similar to reality, and the line between the virtual world and real world disappears gradually.

The blockchain technology enables to create an economic model of the game, with the possibility of using the game currency in the world.

The already known crypto games, such as CryptoKitties and Decentraland, have proven that the idea of a game with the use of blockchain arises interest. However, they are focused on the users’ investments, and not on the solution of problems of the existing economic model of gaming.

Main problems of game models[edit]

According to, throughout the history of video games, 50,283 players received prizes in 334 different games in tournaments. It is less than 0.01% of the all players in the world.

The achievements of the majority of the players don’t have material value, because game currency isn’t appreciated in the real world. This is the main reason for the low number of players who earn. eSport is the main way to earn money by playing video games.

About CryptoSoul[edit]

Big idea[edit]

Transform gaming model from «The player spends» to «The player earns».

In CryptoSoul, we use a new economic game model focused on the player’s earnings. For the game achievements, the player earns tokens which have real value.

It’s a beginning of a new trend in the gaming industry that will change our perception of games. Earnings in a game will become customary.

The main problem is being solved by our project is creation of way to use in-game currency in real world.

Problems of existing games[edit]

1) Game currency has no value out of the game

2) A complex and unclear way of making earnings

3) The games exist due to players’ investments

CryptoSoul model[edit]

1) Game currency has a real value

2) An easy and clear way of making earnings

3) The game exists due to the demand for token

Currency isolation[edit]

Existing games CryptoSoul
Game currency has no value out of the game Game currency has a real value
In each game, the currency is isolated and can be used only in the game itself. There are only complex, unofficial ways to exchange the game currency to real money. The player gets Crystals for game achievements, which can be exchanged CryptoSoul having value in Ethereum.

Earnings Complexity[edit]

Existing games CryptoSoul
A complex and unclear way of making earnings An easy and clear way of making earnings
Players can earn only with eSport, streaming or speculation in in-game markets, but special skills, a lot of time and efforts are needed for that. A player of any level can earn CryptoSoul without special skills by spending no more than 2 hours per day on the game.

Need to Pay[edit]

Existing games CryptoSoul
The games exist due to players’ investments The game exists due to the demand for token
The games pay off thanks to the sale of copies and the system of subscriptions or at the expense of players’ paid items. The project pays off at the expense of the increase of the token value and subsequent realization on a stock exchange.

The increase of the number of players causes currency deficiency. We wipe out a minimum of 50% of tokens spent in the game, which creates additional currency deficiency. Thus, token price and demand increase, because token exists in limited quantities. A popular and high-quality product also attracts investors, which has a positive impact on the token price.

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