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CURATE is a blockchain-based fashion platform centered round fashion discovery between individuals and firms alike. It can be likened to a social media network focused on fashion lovers and enthusiasts, but in this case also utilizes the decentralised blockchain network as a payment infrastrucure means of providing royalties and rewarding content creators. We simply appreciate the effort everyone puts into being creative and such creativity is rewarded for everyone to display their workmanship skills, and thererefore be incentivised in the process.

The idea is to implement a way to reward each and every one for spending their time to contribute to the Curate fashion discovery platform. This will help build and strengthen the fashion community because participation is going to be on the increase due to the fact that transparency and accountability of transactions are intrinsic valus and features, and not bugs in the decentralised blockchain network, atop which the Curate fashion discovery platform is built. And this is coupled with the fact that each person is being rewarded based on their own unique content.

With our platform, it becomes easier for fashion lovers to interact with designers all over the world, and companies or firms in need of an individual’s creative effort can interact with these designers or even giift them with work endorsement. The Curate blockchain fashion discovery platform’s unique value proposition and Unique Selling Point(USI) are its ability to provide a robust decentralised network that connects people all over the world, and rewards each person based on the contribution made to grow the fashion discovery platform


As at the time of writing this document, about 2,500 crypto-assets have been released and these numbers keep climbing daily because the blockchain network has numerous use cases and this has spanned across healthcare, supply chain management, logistics industry, financial services industry, gaming, trading and a lot more. The goal here is to adopt and implement the blockchain technology in another area of daily life, which is the fashion industry use case.

The whole world is shifting from its traditional way of doing things to the advanced and sophisticated ways which slowly is getting incorporated into the fashion industry. It is obvious that companies keeping up with today’s fast-paced, all-singing and all-dancing tech innovations are the ones that will survive the continuously changing system in the emergent Fourtth Industrial Revolution (FIR), led by the next Internet technologies like blockchain, other Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), or others like crypto-asset technology, smart contracts, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT) and the rest of the disruptor gang.

CURATE is a style discovery decentralized app (DApp) i.e ‘blockchain smart contract enabled’ platform, which rewards you with digital tokens in the form of BTC, ETH and our own CUR8 tokens in return for users curating fashion styles.

Fashion brands and retailers have partnered up with Curate to showoff their latest styles, raise brand awareness and increase their online sales. In return, Curate provides a trustless platform allowing users to feedback a curated collection of fashion styles for the community to discover. To put simply, Fashion brands partner up with Curate and we pass on the rewards to the curators and discoverer's. We are: Decentralised. Web 3.0. Open Source

Curate Utility Token[edit]

The Curate token (CUR8) has been created for utility purposes, and is thus not a security or equity token under any securities regulation in any jurisdiction, but a token with pure utility characteristics, features and functionalities. As such, it will be distributed on the Curate decentralised fashion discovery platform as a primary reward token overtime, as previously stated.

The need for Curate token supply increase may not be necessary unless there are more unique expansion cases for its use, which stretches the current Curate token 100m supply limit, and or pressing necessity for new Curate token minting, This is because this strategy in tokenomics keeps the Curate token market and Over The Counter (OTC) crypto-asset exchange platform value relatively immune from arbitrary price inflation, as is the case with the modern money mechanics that has been employed by central, and thus vulnerable banking and other financial incumbents for decades.

Curate token is an ERC-20 utility token smart contract standard compatible and exchangeable wiith many utility tokens which are majorly Ethereum-based tokens. In any case that crypto-asset exchange platforms adopt the Curate token as their primary means of transaction because of value and use case similarities that may mututally exist between them, this will cause value appreciation in the Curate token, and therefore further accelerate the Curate token network effect. The crypto-asset that will be run on Curate fashion discovery platform will be:

Curate Token – This will be a reward-based cryptographic token, which as well will drive exchange for goods and services, leveraged for its utmost utility value maximisation, and issued only during the IEO rounds.


The CURATE project is simple in its own way, because it is a platform based on the blockchain decentralised network, as it will be built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), with the active implementation of the ERC–20 token smart contract standard, the most popular and widely-used smart contract token standard on the Turing-complete blockchain.

The CURATE platform being a d’App means that it is a distributed system of service run and hosted by numerous systems around the globe and not one central authority, which in the legacy systems before the advent of Web 3.0, has held sway and ruled the tech jungle. All user data within our platform is secured with cryptographic algorithm.

Our platform acts as a discovery platform that curates men and women luxury fashion from inspiring brands. This method makes it simple for everyone engaging on the platform and will improve the quality and quantity of the services offered.

We also simplify fashion inspiration from around the world and ideas from far and wide means that there will be diversity in design with plenty to choose from for everyone.

One of the major things we really are after is security and safety of our platform user data. How can we guarantee that our clients are safe and their tokens secured? We have implemented the KYC protocol because one way or the other, our platform deals with the use of finances either physical or virtual and has a means of compliance to regulations made available for financial institutions. Know your customer regulation is being followed because with this we have some basic information about each and every individual on our platform This coupled with a form of verification through a recognised form of identification will help us keep the platform secure and also weed out unaccepted activities such as multiple accounts from one person on the platform.

The KYC regulation also helps in cases where theft of crypto-asset occurs. With the little information we have about every individual, it will be easier to try and track down and stop an individual’s funds from being stolen by bad actors who are on a mission to give the crypto-asset space a bad name.

Some are of the opinion that sensitive user information gathering beats the purpose of applying blockchain to projects since the major functions of the blockchain network, according to them is supposed to be the protection of an individual’s identity. In reality though, it doesn’t take away the protection because all transactions will still be done securely in a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) manner, while the information of each user will be stored securely on the blockchain decentralised network, but not available for anyone to have access, unless members in the technical department. We assure our users that we value everyone’s privacy and will keep the data of each and every individual away from prying eyes.

After KYC comes the AML and they both go hand in hand because the anti-money law puts us under compulsion to report fraudulent activities to relevant authorities. We highly frown against the use of our platform as a means to get money ‘washed clean’ as we will not hesitate to freeze an account associated with us if we notice money laundering activities being carried out on it.

When a user completes the KYC registration and has agreed to the AML regulations too, he also has to agree to the CFT rules means countering the financing of terrorism, and the updated FATF Recommendations affecting crypto-assets. In no way should anyone be involved in using our platform as a means to fund terrorism as we will not take such activities with levity. These are one of the reasons why a user has to be able to complete the KYC registration for proper measures to be taken upon whoever wants to use the anonymity provided on the blockchain network as a leverage to commit crimes and atrocities.

What We Do[edit]

  • Retailers large and small can showcase the best of the best fashion pieces on a

single discovery platform.

  • Community curates the content in exchange for CURATE tokens and membership


  • Blockchain technology prevents fake reviews, upvotes and provides a trusted

platform for inspiration

How Does It Work[edit]

The first step to utilizing our services would be for an individual to sign up to the platform before being able to fully access all its features. The dashboard of our platform itself is going to be a Decentralized App (D’App) built on the blockchain, with smart contract transaction performance capacity, which also means that we will fully make use of the distributed ledger system as the backbone of the CURATE platform. Of course this begs the question why not use regular database instead of the blockchain? First of all, the platform is going to be reward-based, and implementing crypto-asset as a means of payment is very easy to achieve mainly because we are the ones facilitating the crypto-asset transaction. The decentralized blockchain system really brings a lot of advantages to regular business models. When the sales of apparels and fashion-related content is opened to the public, there will be a unique RFID protocol that will be integrated into the system as one of the countermeasures against fraud. With the RFID, the user can scan the material that they are purchasing to identify its authenticity and genuiness. This remote frequency identification can be done via a mobile device with a camera which will scan the code of a purchased item. This will in turn pull up the history of the material and such a move will help get rid of individuals selling fake designer brands to the public because each seller has their own form of unique identity that can be labelled towards all RFID smart tags of their materials.

The RFID will also be useful for individuals who wish to know about where their cloth is coming from and what is the nature of the fabric. Some people prefer to go for items of clothing that are not manufactured at the detriment of the environment. With this RFID technology, it will be easier for everyone to fully identify whatever they purchase without having issues.

Another major advantage the blockchain decentralised network provides now is that one dot necessarily have to be a big brand to gain recognition. Our services will help grow small brands and give them enough recognition and thus also applies to independent start-ups that have no form of recognition. Each designer will be rated along with the quality of the goods and services offered. As time goes on, the quality of each individual’s work will get upvoted and those with the majority of upvotes will be listed as trending.

Transparency is our watchword and we will not compromise that for anything. There are a number of features that will be integrated into our platform that will require the honest input of each individual and blockchain utilisation is the best option. All data entries will be stored on the blockchain and as such, once it is recorded it cannot be be changed, as the blockchain data is immutable. It is permanently stored with a timestamp so alterations to the data entry is impossible unless of course if all systems storing the data are actively manipulated at the same time to modify what is recorded in a block. Modifying data entry on a decentralized blockchain network is nearly impossible because of the nature of its complexity. The data is stored all over the world across different nodes with a hash and a timestamp before being recorded on the ledger. It is not logical for an individual to hijack thousands upon thousands of systems and modify the data all at the same time. This is the major advantage a decentralized network has over the regular database system or centralized networks, and is going to be the major stronghold for upholding transparency and honesty on the platform.

After signing up to the platform, the next thing a user can do is create content for their brand. Submitting and posting fashion items for sale will give users the chance to earn upvotes from members of the community which will make the poster eligible for getting a portion of the rewards pool based on the number of upvotes gotten.

After the content creation comes the voting and curating aspect which entails users having to upvote an item before it trends or becomes popular. Doing this will earn the user a curation reward dependent on the c-power the individual has.

We will generate income by the transactions carried out on our decentralised fashion discovery platform. The transaction fees will be reduced to a bare minimum but that will be the major means by which we obtain funding for the maintenance of our project. Asides from this, the retailers are given an option to obtain a pro account which a fee will be charged for on a subscription basis, and this account offers more opportunities for them such as a verified badge, being eligible for front page listings, priority support and coupon availability. We will not generate revenue from ads or by selling the sensitive information of our users as that is against our business model. For starters, the Ethereum(ETH) crypto-asset will be used as the primary means of rewarding our early adopters in return for their engagement and contribution. The CURATE tokens will be available for use too, but will be as a secondary means of rewarding users. After getting our coin listed on coin asset exchange(s), and CURATE tokens gain value, we will make it the primary source of rewards in all parts of our platform.

The platform runs like a social media on its own that is based on fashion discovery concept. This brings the issue of performance and scalability. How well will the native blockchain blockchain hold against large influx of customers and transactions? It is not new that the blockchain technology is not very strong at handling intensive tasks and could get broken temporarily if burdened with too many activities running on it, or there could altogether be a blockchain bloat. So how would the blockchain technology manage to hold up with a platform like ours which may grow to have millions upon millions of users? The answer is in the sidechain. Since the project is at its cradle, we have not made provisions for a sidechain that will run along with the major blockchain, but such provision will be made available after a short while. The sidechain will be made readily available as soon as the need for it is required.

Smart contract will act as the transaction facilitator on the platform, and monitor the activities going on. The smart contract code calculates the rewards that will be given to each individual contributing to the platform, and this will be based on how much popularity they have gained overtime in correlation with their c-power. Smart contract also monitors every transaction made on the platform, and ensures that when a transaction is initiated from one end, there has to be a 2-way confirmation before it will mark a transaction successful and record it on the distributed ledger


Our IEO launch dates will be announced on our official website and all other relevant information regarding our token sales will also be made available there. Our token is going to be based on the Ethereum Blockchain ERC-20 wallet system will be implemented for it. All ERC-20 complatible wallets have the ability to hold and store the CURATE tokens.

During the initial stage of our project, trading may not be fully implemented initially but as the project gains ground and the user base expands, provision will be made for retailers to submit their fashion items on our platform with a potential sale guarantee and assurance.There will be different rate offers and options to get the item at a discount when the buyer makes the purchase with CURATE coins.

At launch, CURATE tokens will be listed on 3 exchanges then as time goes on, we will have our CURATE tokens listed on several more exchange platforms. The names of some of these exchanges are P2PB2B, Whitebit, CoinExchange, Livecoin and ExMarkets. These exchanges will be in charge of some of our tokens released to them and will assist in launching our IEO campaign especially to their old users who repose enormous amount of trust and confidence in the exchange platforms.

Our token will not be mineable, as they are pre-mined, but we will make provision for enough tokens to be released at launch that will cover the needs of everyone on the exchange platforms

Connect Us[edit]









The CURATE team is pleased that you took the time to go through this document and is positive that you will make an effort to bring this project to a reality. We have put in a lot of effort to try and contribute to the fashion community and we will not stop until our aims are achieved to the full. In case a part or portion of this document is unclear or you have questions you can contact us at

and choose your preferred method of reaching out to us.

Thank you very much for the interest shown in being a part of our vision. We hope that with your contribution and effort our project will roll into reality