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CustomCoinPlatform is a platform that unites people who see an obvious perspective in the development of construction industry and blockchain technology. This platform helps customers find executors and assists small construction companies and private professionals to offer their own services.


  1. Operation
  2. Advantages
  3. Partners
  4. ICO CustomCoinPlatform


CustomCoinPlatform has great functionality, but the key points are the following: the search of an employee or an employer. A usual announcement board linking small construction businesses with a customer or an employee. An important condition is that all calculations will be made in tokens of the platform. Lease, sale of construction tools, equipment and machinery. The token of the platform will be used as a pledge in the intermediary account. Mutual exchanges are in tokens. It is possible to receive a salary in tokens of the platform, as well as exchanges between firms and IP with the possibility of converting them to fiat money (due to the compliance of the tax laws of those states where they work). The intermediary function between an executor and a customer. The platform will provide a loan for construction work and a pledge of 15% of the loan will be its guarantee. The provision of loans and crypto currency exchange are also provided.


  1. Ease of use - the service is available anywhere, anytime and in any language.
  2. Transparency of the system - the user always pays only for his operations.
  3. Transaction security - clear blockchain technology allows a user to make sure of immediate confirmation and payment identification.
  4. Accuracy of accounting - a detailed story of all transactions with documentary evidence.
  5. High level of service - immediate technical support and assistance in disputed situations.


The main partners of CustomCoinPlatform are Perfecta, Personal Search and Eupro.

ICO CustomCoinPlatform[edit]

The total number of tokens is 100 million coins, the price of 1 CC will be 0.0004ETH on Main Sale, 0.00034ETH on Presale. Those who are eager to buy the token on Private Sale will be able to purchase tokens of the platform for 0.00028ETH with a minimum investment of 50ETH. The purchase of CC tokens will only be possible for Ethereum. Since CustomCoin Token is based on the Ethereum blockchain, all investors will receive CC tokens to the same wallet from which finances were transferred. During Presale and Main Sale 89,000,000 tokens will be sold at a discount of 15%, 30% depending on the specific stage of sales. Softcap of the project is $2,500,000, Hardcap - $12,000,000

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