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"The Cyphernomicon" is a document written by Timothy C. May in 1994 for the Cypherpunks electronic mailing list, outlining some ideas behind, and the effects of, crypto-anarchism. It constitutes one of the philosophy's founding documents, advocating anonymous digital currency and electronic privacy, and touching on more esoteric topics, such as assassination markets.

The document is written and formatted as a lengthy FAQ. It contains many short notes on ideas, questions and claims ordered in sections. It also contains May's 1992 essay "The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto", in section 16.4.2.


<pre> 16.2 - SUMMARY: Crypto Anarchy

16.2.1. Main Points

- "...when you want to smash the State, everything looks like
a hammer."
- strong crypto as the "building material" for cyberspace
(making the walls, the support beams, the locks)

16.2.2. Connections to Other Sections

- this section ties all the other sections together

16.2.3. Where to Find Additional Information

- again, almost nothing written on this
- Vinge, Friedman, Rand, etc.

16.2.4. Miscellaneous Comments

- a very long section, possibly confusing to many



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