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Dapp Fight

DApp Fight is a rating data platform that provides you with the essential information about decentralized applications (DApps). The team of DApp Fight has developed a unique algorithm that compiles all necessary DApp statistics such as balance, transaction trend and transaction volume, daily activity, and puts them into a convenient graphical form. Every DApp has a graph that shows its activity according to the transaction volume and a number of users.


DApp-rating is an automatic algorithm. The algorithm compiles technical-economic DApp-rating based on data from a blockchain. To compile a DApp-rating, the algorithm uses three main indexes of a DApp that determine its technical-economic condition among other decentralized applications. These indexes are Transactions, Volume, and Users.

  1. Transactions – a number of transactions that have been completed via all smart-contracts of a certain DApp within the 28 days.
  2. Volume – a circular flow of (crypto) financial transactions that have been completed via all smart-contracts of a certain DApp within the 28 days.
  3. Users – a number of unique users that employ a certain DApp.

DAppfight.com provides you with data that is synchronized with a blockchain and updates every day. The rating itself is compiled of transactions and the summarized circular flow of (crypto) financial-transaction for a period of 28 days.

The algorithm takes the value of three indexes of a certain DApp within the 28 days. The top rate (5.0) goes to a DApp with a maximum value of indexes (transaction/volume/users). The rate for other DApps (X) is compiled according to the following formula:

X = (index*5)maximum_value[edit]

There are three scales of ratings (from 5.0 to 0.0) for Transactions, Volume, and Users. After that, the algorithm determines an average value of these three indexes for every DApp. These results form a final common scale of technical-economic DApp-rating. For an equal rating distribution, the algorithm uses logs.

DApp News and DApp of the Month[edit]

DApp Fight provides the latest DApp news about the world of decentralized applications, various blockchains, new developing features, and so on. Also, every month DApp Fight runs a competition among listed DApps to find out the best one (according to its rating, transaction trend, the number of users, transaction volume and daily activity).

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