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DEXA COIN– A next-generation social messenger platform that allows users to make digital payments with each other while staying connected.

Project Summary[edit]

Dexa Coin is a Social Messenger Application that infuses blockchain technology into its core system and aims to compete with other major social platforms. It will house all the features you would expect from a solid messenger app including Voice & Video Calls, File Sharing, Create Groups/ Communities, digital payments & more. The ability to make digital payments in a secure, flexible & user-friendly environment opens the door to new possibilities on a social platform. All crypto transactions between users on the platform are absolutely free!

Future plans include creating payment cards and linking the platform to an e-commerce store that will allow users to buy merchandise using fiat or cryptocurrencies. The company also envisions mobile multiplayer games within the platform, allowing users to challenge each other while using the native DEXA token to upgrade their in-game performance.

ICO Details[edit]

Token: DEXA
Type: Utility
Price: 0.00005
Start Date: 2019-10-15
End Date: 2019-10-30

Team Members[edit]

Adnan Altaf- Founder & CEO
Thomas F. Forsch- Chief Legal Officer
Stivan Pinto- Senior Operations Manager
Naveen Saraswat- Blockchain Consultant
Anupam Sah- Technology Officer
Rajesh T S- Full Stack Developer, MEAN
Dipuna Guin- Sr. Android Developer
Zeshan Ejaz- Senior Graphics UI/UX designer

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