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Du Capital is an investment company that provides financial support to organizations and startups that are developing blockchain and fintech technologies with crypto assets. The company headquarters in Singapore. During its existence, the company managed to finance a number of first-class blockchain projects for which Du Capital became a strategic partner, using their knowledge, industry resources, and a global network.

Du Capital was founded by Peter Du. He is a well-known expert in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Peter is an experienced cryptocurrency miner and has over six years of experience with blockchain investments. Du Capital invested in MoonX on Jul 26, 2018. This investment - Venture Round - MoonX - was valued at $29M.


Peter Du – Chief Executive Officer

RedNova is a subsidiary of Du Capital Group, which is led by fintech legend Peter Du. RedNova offers consulting solutions for young companies to help them achieve their business goals in the face of increased control by investors and regulatory authorities. Since in such words, companies may face failures in unleashing the potential of distributed ledger technologies.


Du Capital has a partnership with the following organizations:


The staff of the company consists of the following members:

  • Peter Du – Chief Executive Officer
  • Steve You – Chief Operating Officer
  • Serene Tay – Chief Strategy Officer
  • Izaac Yang – Chief Relationship Officer
  • Ben Yang – Assistant Operation Manager
  • Jerry Li – Advisor
  • Han Wu – Advisor


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