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DappRadar is a web service, which provides full information about the most popular existing dapps (decentralized applications). The service was launched in February 2018.

Tracking with Loom Network[edit]

Continuing its mission as the most reliable dapp data source, in June 2019 DappRadar added support for dapps running on the Loom Network. Loom is a universal layer two scaling solution, using delegated PoS (proof of stake) consensus, which provides with the scalability and UX layer they need to build functional user-facing dapps. Loom Network is currently working with Ethereum and recently added TRON, and support for EOS and Cosmos is expected soon. Loom allows developers to integrate assets from all major chains, as well as create their applications once and offer them to users on all platforms simultaneously.

Tracking with Ontology blockchain[edit]

In July 2019 DappRadar has added support for dapps running on the Ontology blockchain. Ontology is a high-performance, open-source blockchain that includes a series of complete distributed ledgers, a smart contract system, and a distributed trust ID platform. In addition, similar to Cosmos and Polkadot, it is working on a multi-chain and cross-chain solution. Available in a test network, it uses the Ontology blockchain as its main network, supporting side chains that have the same architecture as the Ontology core network, and side chains with a different architecture.


DappRadar offers the following rankings of dapps by protocol:

Available categories:

Rankings of dapps are also available by:

  • Users (24h)
  • Volume (24h)
  • Volume (7d)
  • Txs (24h)
  • Txs (7d)


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