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Davorcoin X (DAVX) is a new, revolutionary cryptocurrency which has been launched with the aim to make digital payments secure and convenient for everyone. DAVX intends to present the best case for an alternative payment currency which is the same as bitcoin and Ether in functioning & features but at the same time very affordable to use. DavorX has been developed on the Ethereum blockchain and is based on a global, decentralized payment system which is not controlled by any single party thereby accessing or modifying any transaction in the blockchain is nearly impossible, making is the most secure digital currency out there.

DavorX RoadMap Explained[edit]

Project Start (January 2019)[edit]

The DavorX project officially started in January this year with the idea of a middleman-free payment system which is secure and cost-effective, unlike existing digital coins.

A Private Sale (with coin price $0.5) of DAVX coin was held for the Big/Private investors in the crypto investment industry.

DAVX ICO Sale (July 2019)[edit]

The official token sale of DAVX will start in July. It will be held in two phases:

Pre-sale — From July 1 to July 10–1 million DAVX coins on sale — starting price $0.50 Main ICO — From July 15 to August 14–1 million coins on sale — starting price $0.70 The DAVX coin wallet for web & desktop will also be launched in July month. Users can use the wallet by creating their accounts for storing their digital coins.

DAVX Marketing (August 2019)[edit]

With the purpose to increase the reach of the DAVX coin and to expand the userbase, online and offline marketing of the project will begin. Also, the coin will be listed on the internal exchange for trading. The Lending Program of DavorX with interest to investors will also be launched in August.

DAVX Mobile Wallets Launch (September 2019)[edit]

The mobile wallets of DAVX coin users for Android and iOS platforms will be launched. Users will be able to download these wallet apps from the respective app stores and use them to store, transact and manage their coins. The coin will also be listed on external (third-party) exchanges including IDAX, P2PB2B and CoinExchange.io.

Blockchain Training & Conference (October 2019)[edit]

DavorX team will be holding and attending blockchain conferences, providing training to potential users.

Merchant Partnership (November 2019)[edit]

DavorX team will start partnering with merchants across the world for expanding the applications of the DAVX coin.

Future Developments (2020)[edit]

Some of the future steps for 2020 and beyond include:

  • The establishment of DavorX Training Centre for students who wish to learn blockchain
  • Release of DavorX Coin Debit Card, enabling token-holders to shop/cash-out using a physical debitcard
  • Local exchanger

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  2. https://medium.com/@davorxico