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Decenturion is a decentralized virtual state, the purpose of which is to unite people in an absolute democracy, where everyone has the same role and there is no President or Government, which should be promoted by blockchain technology.


There will be the 2 types of participants in the state: the citizen and the startup. A citizen is a person who wishes to obtain virtual citizenship in Decenturion. A startup is a developer or a whole team of developers who have created a startup and will distribute part of their tokens among all citizens. In total, 30 million people can register in the Decenturion state, and on August 1, among all citizens, 100,000 DCNT will be distributed free of charge, based on the number of Ethereum on the following formula: Emission = 0.0001 ETH / (number of citizens) * 100,000 DCNT. With the advent of startups, part of their tokens will be distributed to all citizens based on the amount of DCNT in the wallet. According to the information on the site, for 1 DCNT citizen will annually receive various tokens in the amount of more than $15,000. For startups, this will be useful because they will already receive a powerful community at the start, which will use their product and recommend to others. Thus, Decenturion can become the first state where they do not collect tax, and even vice versa, distribute money among citizens.

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