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DeepBit mining pool

DeepBit was a mining pool. The site currently reports a hash rate of 0 Gh/s, many users report the pool as abandoned[1] and the last block seems to have been found on 28 November 2013. The pool operator who opened the announcement / support thread on the BitcoinTalk Forum was last active on 16. March 2014[2].


This pool aimed to provide a simple reward sharing scheme and fast payments. It was once the biggest mining pool and at one point had more than 50% of the overall hash power at the time[3].

The service was first available for beta testing starting February 26, 2011[4].

Reward distribution[edit]

DeepBit - new game with Bitcoin earning
  • Proportional: 3% fee.
  • Pay-Per-Share mode: Current rate shown on website.

ASIC hardware[edit]

On September 10th, 2012, the owner of DeepBit announced plans for a custom Bitcoin mining ASIC termed Reclaimer.[5]. On April 8th, 2013, cancellation of the project was announced, citing lack of public interest.


The pool had the following benefits:

  • Instant payments - the balance is updated every hour, you do not need to wait 20 hours to get your money
  • Two different modes of charging - with payment for each share and a proportional
  • Support long polling reduces the number of latecomers ball
  • Insurance against disabled units-money is accrued regardless of whether the block is confirmed by the network
  • Open registration, the number of connections and accounts are not limited
  • There is a JSON / JSON RPC API for issuing control data for monitoring and statistics collection programs
  • Dynamically generated userbar for signatures on forums
  • Backup server for auto-switch in case of problems or lack of communication
  • The possibility of payment with a precision of 8 decimal places


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